Cooking Timer


Introduction: Cooking Timer

This is a school project but I thought it can be fun to all of you cooking people out there, that still use old stoves without timers.
The timer uses different formula for meat, chicken or egg, but also has a separate timer that can be activated manually.

Meat cooking time formula:
1 pounds - 35 min
2 pounds - 45 min
Every extra pound add 15 min
*500f for 15 min. buzzer bips once. than 380f for the rest of the cooking.

Chicken cooking time formula:
1 pounds - 40 min
2 pounds - 60 min
Every extra pound add 10 min
*400f for the whole time. ignor buzzer bip after 15 first min.

Egg cooking time formula:
Soft egg - 5 min
Hard egg - 11 min

Step 1: Materials

6 * small buttons - radio shack
switch - radio shack
back lit LCD display -
a box

Universal Solderless Breadboard
6 * 470 Kohms resistors (red, black, orange, gold)
1 * 2 Kohms resistors (red, black, red, gold)
2 * .1µF capacitors
1 * voltage regulator (7805)

Microchip microcontroller - pic16F819-
pic data sheet
If you don't have a pic programer or the Compiler and you want to purchase them. i recommend these from Melabs:
U2 programer
PicBasic Compiler

Step 2: Board & Circuit

As I don't realy know how to draw a real elctronic schematics...
i draw the circuit itself.

Step 3: The Code

yo yo yo!!!



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    Hello i am new to programing, and I'm also working on a timer project of my own. I'm just curious if this code is fairly transferable to Arduino, and if any one could point me in the right direction for learning how to manipulate code it would be much appreciated.

    How much power does it take and what is the max for it?

    Hi Your Timer more looks like a Amateurs home brewed tcvr. Some more effort in learning electronics you could make some real projects. But a great effort in drawing attention. All the best

    Nice Instructable. On a side note, it's spelt 'wires' (referring to the circuits key).

    parallax is an awesome site. backstreet comment

    Excellent choice of case. Lol.

    he said he got it from [ Parallax]
    I saw the word PARALLAX on a bike hub!(no not a hub motor)

    where's the connection for lcd?

    why backstreet?

    Please add another diagram of the circuit please. I can't follow your pictures too well. Thank you.

    nice instructable....though i must agree with not too keen on the stickers and i would be using the timer for other things rather than cooking but i suppose after i blow the things up they will be cooking because this would make a great detonator timer

    if the backstreet boys stickers are required for this project...i'm not gonna be making it :) hehe

    Great instructable! I think in step 3, the third line ant is actually and. Keep up the good work!



    Hi. Im working on a FastFood, and just to let ppl know, these timer can cost from 150$ to 1200$!!