Cooking with Power Tools: Stuffed Zucchinnis

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In this short photo Instructable, I will demonstrate how the (nearly) ancient art of Zucchini stuffing can be semi-automated with the help of an electric drill:

Also including: A secret filling recipe.


2-3 lb. light-colored Zucchinis

1/2 cup rice
1/2 cup cranberries
1 cup chopped coriander
Some ground black pepper and cumin, per taste

Cooking Marinade:
Lemon juice from 1-2 lemons
2-3 spoons sugar
4-5 spoons olive oil


Electric drill
15mm drill bit
Low cooking pot
Mixing bowl

Preparation (please see video and photos):

1. Prepare the mix
2. Drill the Zucchinis
3. Fill the Zucchinis
4. Lay Zucchinis in a low pot, pour lemon juice, sugar and olive oil
5. Cook on low flame for 1-2 hours until Zucchinis are soft

Tip: Don't skip the lemon and sugar. This is what gives this dish it's kick typical taste.
Tip #2: Ground meat or chicken can be used instead of the coriander

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I have to admit, I never would have thought to do it like that and I have been cooking for almost 50 years Good job!
oavf8b4 years ago
That was too much fun. I look forward to you next 'ible' with a power tool! And more Syrian cuisine, please! It's nice to learn how people eat things differently, and yet, still similar.
mikeyj1104 years ago
This is my new favorite instructable!!!!
Zombie_BBQ4 years ago
LOL! awsome its Tool Time meets Rachel Ray ..
sarahfish4 years ago
amazing! exactly what my cooking needs, more power tools!!!

also, excellent video instruction!
jrossetti4 years ago
Love this!

Food and power tools - my 2 favourite things.

darrenhall2 years ago
The other guys here have said it all - a mans instructable for men.

You are the Daddy.

That is the coolest, most unique way i have seen somebody prepare food, great job!
Cabe4 years ago
Perhaps some kind of belt sander potato peeler? Or a V8 powered Margarita blender....
zvizvi (author)  Cabe4 years ago
we had something similar to the belt-sander-potato-peeler in the army... I wanna do something that has not been done before.
I am thinking of cleaning artichokes with the help of one of those drill bits whose name in English I will never know (in Hebrew it is something like "cup drill bit") - attached a photo
Schober zvizvi4 years ago
In english it's called a hole saw.
zvizvi (author)  Schober4 years ago
(I would guess 10 other names before Hole Saw...)
If you're interested it's called a "scie cloche" in French (ie. "bell saw")
Not of any help but if you collect the same from many other languages that may lead your inventive spirit to something new…
Who knows ?…
zvizvi (author)  vincent75203 years ago
It did have me thinking about bell peppers, but these are actually the easiest to stuff :) thanks!
A "scie cloche" for bell peppers !… Of course ! … Why didn't I think of it myself ??…
:) :)
Cabe zvizvi4 years ago
In the UK we just call them hole saws.

I can see cooking becoming a full contact sport, I like it!
Treknology Cabe4 years ago
A commercial potato-peeler has rotor in the bottom that is covered in coarse material like a VERY ROUGH sandpaper.
vincent75203 years ago

Everything is crystal clear and, as said, there is no lapse in the recipe : much beter than with a step by step. The spirit of the recipe is here as well.


(By the way, I understand that you use a Makita drill… Willl the result be the same with a Dewalt ?…)
zvizvi (author)  vincent75203 years ago
thanks :)
Dewalt will certainly do for aubergines, I doubt if it could go through Zucchinis :)
(actually... I wish I had a Makita, this one's a cheapo Chinese make)
mbates33 years ago
I must say this is a first for me.I love to play around with cooking.I will be trying this in the near future.
zvizvi (author)  mbates33 years ago
great! leave a comment saying how it turned out :)
octollama4 years ago
This looks amazing!
I love zucchini
and I'm a vegetarian!
I will have to try this out soon :)
footework4 years ago
I loved this! The chef was easy to listen to and follow. I can't wait to see more of his recipes. Lucky girlfriend to have such a terrific guy!
sunshiine4 years ago
This is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 Thanks so much for sharing your very hard work and time!
jongscx4 years ago
Oh cmon... the Proper way to do this would have been with a Pipe vice, a Drill press with a depth gauge, and some calipers to make sure you don't go through all the way...

Jk, but awesome idea to incorporate power tools into the kitchen :-P
scoochmaroo4 years ago
More cooking with power tools please!
hi scoochmaroo
hi :)
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mcmonte4 years ago
Yay, quicker dolmas!
chicopluma4 years ago
oh my, my dad is going to love this instructable now that he's our house chef
the5thone4 years ago
Why would you say to use a electric drill. "Thats so unsafe" . Electricity and water dosen't mix remember. You should have said a cordless drill.
so...you don't have any appliances in the kitchen that are plugged in? no blender? no mixer? stop being so picky.
zvizvi (author)  aje1274 years ago
Well... I am picky, that's the truth. But I do have a cocktail blender tucked somewhere below, and a stick blender I hope to make my next 'ible with... It's so much hassle, anyway, just drying the thing takes up my entire dish rack. Plus, cutting by hand is so much fun... don't you think?
aje127 zvizvi4 years ago
I'm on your side zvizvi. I'm using my 'electric' drill. If the5thone thinks its so 'unsafe' then he/she doesn't have to use this instructable. I get so sick of people always pointing out stupid little knitpicky things like this. Yes, its an electric drill, and guess what EVERYBODY knows water and electricity doesn't mix. the5thone probably thought he was telling us something we didn't know. Jeez. Thanks for that BRILLANT insight the5thzone. Some people always like to put a negative take on other peoples inputs. I say people like that have 'short man syndrome' Always putting other people down so they can feel better about themselves. Zvizvi, I look forward to your other instructables using power tools. Keep em coming!!!!
zvizvi (author)  aje1274 years ago
Way to go, aje127!
I do think that feeling insecure while operating an electric drill is perfectly alright! it just means that this instructable isn't for that person, no? Also, I would not recommend using an electric/cordless drill on Zucchinis to just anyone - my assumption is that instructable readers are on average more comfortable with power tools than others...
btw the5thone's comment was only referring to using the term "electric drill" instead of "cordless drill" - a correction in place. so we might be barking under the wrong tree, after all :))
zvizvi (author)  the5thone4 years ago
Isn't a cordless drill a kind of electric drill?
Sorry, this is probably just my bad English
the5thone4 years ago
Duh!!! There is a differance between a battery powered drill and a electic drill, people!!!
aje1274 years ago
You are the CUTIEST THING and I Love your accent. I have my drill, just need to purchase a new 'clean' bit, pick some zucchinis out of the garden and I'm ready to roll. Zvizvi, you need your own show on tv.
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