This is my first instructable and I tried to take as many pictures as possable.
I will show you how I made a awesome gaming machine that you can play
racing games with a steering wheel, guitar hero games, and emulator roms.
I named mine "The Machine" and it works awesome and is a lot of fun to play on.
I will write more in detail in a week or so.
This will give you a good idea of what to do but some of the wiring and software
that I did I will have to add later.

The camera I used to take pictures makes the lights look super bright for some reason.
They are not that bright. lol

Step 1: Step 1 Tools

This can be a cheap project if you have most of the stuff already. 
Price can vary from ($100 to $800)
You will need:

glue gun
sand paper
spray paint
frost spray paint
led lights
rope lights
game pads( wired Xbox 360 controllers works well)
Xbox 360 drums and guitar
steering wheel and pedals
lots of games (emulators and others)
speaker wire
Step Up & Down Transformer ( for led lights)

time and patience

cool but too expensive <br>
This is such a great idea. :D <br /><br />The case looks fantastic!
i think he might need a warning label on the thing. Warning: May cause seziers wear sunglasses at all times lights are on!
It's not a bright as it looks. For some reason the camera reflects the light like that.
just a jokey jokey. i like it just dont make those lights flash or you might cause some ones grandmother in the next country have a stroke!
Lol, I almost made them flash with the sound and I figured it would be to much so I didn't do it. I would hate to give some ones grandmother a stroke. lol<br><br>
I made them flash with the music. I couldn't help myself. lol
Not bad! I like it. <br>4.5 stars, and added to &quot;Arcade Machines&quot; guide!
wow nice design man, im planing on making this next week is the any demesions and stuff like that you could give ? it would really help me out alot.<br><br>thanks alot,<br><br>matthew :)
It depends on what size your gear is. The screen and the tower. I can tell you what my dimensions are but it might not work for you. If you tell me what you are working with I might be able to help. I have the dimensions written down somewhere I just have to find them in my shed. I can look tonight and post them for you.
And my victory gets washed down the drain...<br><br>Haha, great job! It looks really good, very impressed
Really cool arcade machine!!! Wish I had it in my house to play! :)
good job. not so over the top as some other arcade builds, and good storage too,.

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