Step 10: Step 10 Inside the Machine

Inside I used a home stereo to power the speakers and give it a good sound.
I upgraded the computer to 4gb of ram, added a Nvidia GTX 260, windows 7 64-bit
and a 600watt power supply. I hooked up a xbox 360 controller, ps3 controller,
guitar, drums and the 2 joysticks. 
Then I added rope lights.

cool but too expensive <br>
This is such a great idea. :D <br /><br />The case looks fantastic!
i think he might need a warning label on the thing. Warning: May cause seziers wear sunglasses at all times lights are on!
It's not a bright as it looks. For some reason the camera reflects the light like that.
just a jokey jokey. i like it just dont make those lights flash or you might cause some ones grandmother in the next country have a stroke!
Lol, I almost made them flash with the sound and I figured it would be to much so I didn't do it. I would hate to give some ones grandmother a stroke. lol<br><br>
I made them flash with the music. I couldn't help myself. lol
Not bad! I like it. <br>4.5 stars, and added to &quot;Arcade Machines&quot; guide!
wow nice design man, im planing on making this next week is the any demesions and stuff like that you could give ? it would really help me out alot.<br><br>thanks alot,<br><br>matthew :)
It depends on what size your gear is. The screen and the tower. I can tell you what my dimensions are but it might not work for you. If you tell me what you are working with I might be able to help. I have the dimensions written down somewhere I just have to find them in my shed. I can look tonight and post them for you.
And my victory gets washed down the drain...<br><br>Haha, great job! It looks really good, very impressed
Really cool arcade machine!!! Wish I had it in my house to play! :)
good job. not so over the top as some other arcade builds, and good storage too,.

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