Cool Bamboo "Zen" Keychain




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Introduction: Cool Bamboo "Zen" Keychain

I Had A couple of pieces of bamboo That I wanted to use for something,So I had the Idea to make a keychain,and It looks really cool.

Step 1: Cut Your Bamboo

use you knife or saw to cut a short piece of bamboo,mine is about 3 inches in length.

once you have your small piece of bamboo,use the flat end of your skewer to clean out the soft flakey inside of the bamboo.

Step 2: Add the String.

Now that you have a short piece of bamboo,it's time to add the string.
tie a permanent knot in one end of the string,making sure that the knot wont fit through the bamboo,and push the other end through.
now tie a loose not on this end.

you are now essentially done,you can tie it onto your keys or add a keyring,whatever.
but you don't have to stop here,you can also add carvings paint it,burn designs into it(see pic)whatever you want,it's your keychain,make it say something about you.

I used an old butter knife that I heated up on the stove to burn a gungnir into mine,and tie it onto my car key without a keyring.




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    If I used all the keychains I wanted to my pocket would way 10 pounds.

    I like it! :] Fav+!

    this thing is cool! i like keychains, now all i need is the bamboo...

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