Step 2: Portals

Picture of Portals
In the zip. folder in the last step, I give you a portal that goes to instructables.com.
But here, I will show you a batch file that you can customize to go to multiple websites.
Here it is:

@echo off
color 0a
echo This is the site locater. Choose the # of the site you would like to go to.
echo 1= www.youtube.com
echo 2= www.facebook.com
echo 3= www.internet explorer.com
echo 4= www.firefox.com
echo 5= www.hulu.com
echo 6= www.netflix.com
set/p "number=-->"
if %number%==1 GOTO 1
if %number%==2 GOTO 2
if %number%==3 GOTO 3
if %number%==4 GOTO 4
if %number%==5 GOTO 5
if %number%==6 GOTO 6
start www.youtube.com
goto end
start www.facebook.com
goto end
start www.internetexplorer.com
goto end
start www.firefox.com
goto end
start www.hulu.com
goto end
start www.netflix.com
goto end

You may replace the listed websites with any of your own if you want.

lizzyd7102 years ago
I think to do that you would have to replace the URLs with the document adress. Like for Windows you would do C:\Users\Person\Desktop\Programs
Thats my best guess.
tinker2344 years ago
ok thanks
tinker2344 years ago
nice could i use it to acess folders and keep documents
jklujm (author)  tinker2344 years ago
I don't know how, but you probably could.