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How to make a cool canopy for your V939, Ladybird, etc., etc., drone.

A few months ago I bought a Wltoys V939, and while I like how the drone flies (you have to learn how to control it, because it's not super-stable), I disliked the way the canopy has been made.

So, not having a 3D printer, forced me to find another source, to find the "ideal" shape for the canopy.

Some people use the plastic bottle of the cleaning product, but I had the packaging of the disposable gloves around, therefore I opted for that one.

For this project you need:

The packaging of the Spontex disposable gloves

2x 3mm LEDS

2x 10K resistors

1 Syma batteries connectors (male/female)

Painting (possibly water based)

A rubber band

A set of propellers that match the color of the canopy

A soldering on iron station

Soldering wire and...


Step 1: Buy the Spontex Disposable Gloves

Buy this...


cut it (using carefully an utility knife).

Check that the length of the canopy, doesn't interefere with the propellers of your drone.

Step 2: Paint It... Red!

After painting it, make 2 holes 3mm (using carefully a small screwdriver).

Make another hole on the side of the canopy and (using carefully the scissor), cut a straight line on the other side of it.

Using a rubber band you can now put the canopy on/remove it from your drone, quickly!

Insert the LEDs inside the holes.

Step 3: Prepare the Connector... Aka Iron Soldering!

Solder to the short legs of the LED to a 10K resistor.

Buy this...


and make the connector for the LEDs, checking the polarity.

You need to have 1 male connector that will go inside your pcb

and 1 female that will be connected to the battery.

Some batteries (Walkera) have the connector with the polarity inverted.

Please check it (twice) otherwise, you'll inevitably fry your pcb!!!

Buy also a set of propellers of the same colour of your canopy.

Step 4: All Done!

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