Cool Carboard Lamp Made From a Kitchen Paper Roll





Introduction: Cool Carboard Lamp Made From a Kitchen Paper Roll

Simple and fun way to make an exclusive carboard lamp from a kitchen paper roll.

Step 1: Materials and Tools

1. a carboard kitchen paper roll

2. a bulb holder with wire

3. a bradawl to make holes

4. a sheet of paper

5. a pencil

6. a scotch

Step 2: Draw/print a Pattern

Print or draw your own picture/ornament.

Step 3: Transfer Your Pattern on the Roll

Place the pattern where you want it on the carboard roll. Stick the paper with scotch. Trace the outlines on your pattern by making holes with the help of bradawl.

Step 4: Final Step

Pass the wire of bulb holder through the carboard roll, put it on some holder or keep it in your hand (if you like :) and plug it. Yee-haw! New lamp in your collection.



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    Very nice. You could paint the tube for any holiday and use that holidays symbols for your patterns. Thank you for posting.

    Is it safe? I mean, hot bulb can cause a fire.

    You may use LED lamps. I did not have them, so I use normal bulb.

    Yeah, you`re right!