Cool Cigarette Case Idea


Introduction: Cool Cigarette Case Idea

Tired of having your smokes crushed in your pocket? Tired of finding bits of tobacco wherever your pack has been? Want to hide your unspeakably evil habit from the eyes of the world? Want to keep up with those pesky disappearing lighters? Got 5 bucks?
Go grab a digital camera case from Wal-mart and boom, you have yourself a protective and very capable Smoke Storage System.

In the pics, we can see that my pack, lighter, and even a short I was saving fits nicely in the case.

Best thing ever. lol.



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    5 Discussions

    Just curious ... I smoke 99's they are a little longer do they fit?

     Isn't is politically incorrect to use the words cool and cigarette in the same sentence?

    They used to make plastic cigarette cases, but then again they used to give away ashtrays to promote businesses and products too.

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