"Cool Clocks" gives you the neatest and coolest clocks on Instructable's! From the basic Pin Clock to the Arduino Word Clock! There's no telling what you'll make!
DIY TiX Clock style
Here's my instructable for a DIY TiX clock.  It is powered by an AVR microcontroller.  The display is made up using a piece of reflector grid you find covering office lights, some smoked perspex, a di...
Pin Clock style
Make this clever pin clock following the step-by-step instructable by our HSBC Designer in Residence Lao Jianhua.You can read about Lao Jianhua's residency in his Blog:
The Word Clock - Arduino version style
************************************************************************** Major updates - A much better enclosure for this clock has been designed - check out
Wooden LED clock style
I really like concept. So many different types of wooden clock have been already built. I've seen many of them but I still don't have my own.   What a shame. I'm going to fix it right now. Project is...
New Earth Time (NET) digital clock in recycled retro-modern case style
Ever get confused by GMT, or just wish you had a cooler way to keep track of time?  Build a New Earth Time clock!  Using a PIC microcontroller, some code, and a couple discrete parts, you too can have...
Hard drive platter clock. style
After ripping some ancient hard drives appart to get the magnets out I was left with some cool looking platter stacks. They sat there for a few years until I came up with the idea of making a clock f...
popsicle stick clock style
Sometimes,(OK all the time ),  my mind works in strange ways. After seeing the weekly challenge and the contest page and thinking to my self that I had no idea of what I could do,then a light came on,...