Hi Everybody! This is my first Instructable - coasters wich I made and think are pretty cool. I'm giving this to someone I  know and came up with this idea a few days ago. So comment !

Step 1: Materials

 The fist step is to gather all your materials.
      -foam paint brush
      -cardboard(or pre-made foam ones)
      -Map or paper of choice
<p>you need to study graphics and learn how to draw circles using a compass.......... BECAUSE YOUR ONES AT THE MOMENT SUCK!!!!!!!!!!</p>
Cool idea!<br />Maybe leave them as squares, that way you can arrange them into a proper map when they are not in use?
Thats a great Idea! I'll remember that next time I make coasters. I'm thinking about making one that turns out to be a giant movie poster .:-)

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