This is an awesome, durable, custom made paint brush holder!

Step 1: Materials

You will need Duct tape, Scissors, and the paint brushes you want to put in the case.
Great idea, I crochet instead of paint and this transfers wonderfully to holding crochet hooks.<br>Thanks
I was looking for somthing just like this a few weeks ago :)
Love the idea, could use a few more instructions. Is that a ribbon to tie it together or more Duck Tape?<br><br>Considering doing this to keep my brush pens in (I am slowly adding to my collection, so need something expandable)<br><br>
The ribbon is to tie it together, although using actual ribbon would be easier. If you do make your own I would suggest a flap that covers the ends of your pens so they don't fall out. I would have made one....but ran out of tape

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