Picture of Cool Duct Tape, Paint Brush Case
This is an awesome, durable, custom made paint brush holder!
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
You will need Duct tape, Scissors, and the paint brushes you want to put in the case.

Step 2: Building the case

Picture of Building the case
First, arrange the brushes in the order you want and evenly space them. This will give you an idea as to how big the case needs to be.

The next two pieces of the case are created by laying strips of tape on top of each other, make sure to leave some uncovered tape on the ends (shown in picture). Start by making the main piece of the case, this must be larger then the tallest brush and wider then all of the brushes combined. Next, make the piece that will cover the handles of the brushes, this piece MUST be longer than the main piece! 

Line up the bottoms of both pieces and fold a piece of tape along the edge to keep it in place.

Step 3: Creating brush slots

Picture of Creating brush slots
Cut small strips of tape and place between brushes across both the main piece and handle cover. This is where that excess on the handle cover comes in. 

Once all of the strips are on take the sticky edge on the main piece and fold it over, covering up the edges from the strips. 

The inside of the case is now complete!

Step 4: Designing the outside

Picture of Designing the outside
The outside of the cover can be customized to your own personal style. You can lay random strips of tape across the top, make letters, or weave strips like I did. Once you are finished designing it pick a side of the case that you  want to be on the outside and place some small strips of tape there, these will serve as the ties. Next, place tape over the edges to cover up the edges, tape on the ties, and secure everything a little more. 

Your done!
Judith7563 years ago
Great idea, I crochet instead of paint and this transfers wonderfully to holding crochet hooks.
baconrocks4 years ago
I was looking for somthing just like this a few weeks ago :)
madmanmoe644 years ago
Love the idea, could use a few more instructions. Is that a ribbon to tie it together or more Duck Tape?

Considering doing this to keep my brush pens in (I am slowly adding to my collection, so need something expandable)

gummybearlove (author)  madmanmoe644 years ago
The ribbon is to tie it together, although using actual ribbon would be easier. If you do make your own I would suggest a flap that covers the ends of your pens so they don't fall out. I would have made one....but ran out of tape