Introduction: Cool Fish-Bone Bottle Holder

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I made really cool ''gravity defying'' bottle holder in a shape of fish-skeleton. Check it out!

Video link is here: Fish Bone Bottle Holder (by clicking, it opens in a new tab)

Step 1: Make Yours: PDF Printable Plan Included

Picture of Make Yours: PDF Printable Plan Included

I included PDF plan, so download is free!!!
Print the plan at 100% and glue it to the board you're cutting with spray adhesive or paper glue stick.
If you don't have the printer (like me) use your screen to trace the lines onto the piece of paper.
Hold the paper on the screen with some blue tape (masking tape).

Step 2: Make It Out of Scrap Pieces of Wood - Be Creative!

Picture of Make It Out of Scrap Pieces of Wood - Be Creative!

It was made out of scrap pieces of wood (Build expenses: $ 0,00....OK maybe electricity cost).
I made mine out of one piece of 6mm plywood sandwiched between 2 pieces of Guanacaste wood.
The plywood in between gives strength to the bones, if there is no plywood they will break.

You can use any material to build (glue - with epoxy - some colored acrylic in between the 2 wood pieces, or vice versa)
Be creative, no limit in that!

Step 3: Cut and Sandwich the Plywood

Picture of Cut and Sandwich the Plywood

Cut your pieces over sized and glue them together.
Hold them with clamps until the glue dries and then cut the excess off.

Step 4: Hole and Bevel Cut

Picture of Hole and Bevel Cut

For the hole use the diameter of the bottle neck if you have special bottle you want to hang.
Standard size hole for wines is 1 1/4''

Drill the hole with spade bit or better yet, with a Forstner bit.

Make bevel at the tail of bone on the miter saw or with a circular saw.
Mine was well balanced at 35 degrees for most of the bottles (Wine, Whiskey, Rum...)

Tip: Start by cutting the smaller degree bevel at the tail and adjust it by checking the level you like best with the bottle. Heavier/longer bottles will require greater bevel degree.

Step 5: Jigsaw Madness!

Picture of Jigsaw Madness!

If your tail doesn't go to the end of the bevel just extend the lines to it - no one will notice ;)

Put on some safety glasses, earmuffs...
Clamp your work piece to the table and start cutting.

Watch the video carefully to see the way I hold my jigsaw and the techniques I'm using while cutting.

Power tools can cause serious injuries, please read and understand instructions before using them!

Step 6: Sanding...

Picture of Sanding...

Sand and file your work, be patient.
This is very important to do properly as it shows your final product!
Use different grids of sandpaper until the piece is free of scratches and saw marks.
Finish by hand sanding it.

Step 7: Sign Your Work

Picture of Sign Your Work

Use laser printed mirrored image and lacquer thinner to transfer it onto the wood.

Step 8: Apply Finish

Picture of Apply Finish

I applied only beeswax-oil finish to it because I love the natural wood feel, grain and color.
You can apply any finish you like (lacquer, poly, epoxy...etc.)

Step 9: Enjoy Your Awesome Bottle Holder!

Picture of Enjoy Your Awesome Bottle Holder!

Enjoy it and make sure to make more than one, your friends and family will want one for themselves.

And oh, I forgot, CHEERS!

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JordanW2 made it! (author)2015-06-08

Thank you very much for sharing this plan!
I made it out of 3/4" thick knotty pine with 10mm thick laminate plywood in between. Real sturdy and holds great.

DIY Andrea (author)JordanW22015-06-09

Wow Jordan, that looks great!
Did you make it on the band saw?
Thank you for sharing the picture!

REDWOOD123 (author)2017-03-27

how thick was the wood in the end

Hambone22 (author)2015-12-30


didakus8 (author)2015-05-30

Excellent, what a good idea. Watch as I stay

DIY Andrea (author)didakus82015-06-09

I didn't see the picture before!
That looks amazing Didakus8, great job!
Thank you for sharing.
I see that you used solid wood only, I did that for my first model and it broke. That's why I put thin plywood inbetween two solid wood blanks. I hope yours won't break.

seamster (author)2015-05-17

Very cool indeed!

Nice work, as usual! :)

DIY Andrea (author)seamster2015-05-17

Thank you Seamster!

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