Always wanted to freeze a layer of liquid? Now with the Cool Freeze Foil Box you can. It is all made out of aluminum foil and can easily be made. This box is not high tech at all but it has a useful feature, the ability to suspend ice above the liquid to be frozen. It is not entirely the fastest way to freeze a liquid but is faster than just putting a liquid in a freezer. It will not completely freeze the sides of the liquid as it is made from aluminum.

Step 1: Materials Needed

Foil Box materials
1 roll - Aluminum foil
1 roll - Tape 3/4
1- foil box blueprint

Foil Box Top
8 - ice cubes
2 tbs. - salt
1 oz. - water

Inside of Foil Box
2 oz. - Any liquid

Not to be mean but, in this Instructable, aren't you just making ice from ice?
In fact you are right. I made this instructable because the instructables I am planning on making further down the road require identical containers. I decided to publish this instructable so anyone who needs to make a foil box can do so easily. You should check out my new instructable called the "Energy Efficient Plant Supercharged". In that instructable I used the Cool Freeze Foil Boxes. The foil box was my first instructable and I wanted to see how hard it is to publish an instructable. If you use ice with the box then you don't necessarily have to use a freezer. If you use a freezer then you don't necessarily have to use ice. Thank you for your comment.
a little redundant don't you think?

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