Cool Fridge Magnet





Introduction: Cool Fridge Magnet

This is pretty cool because with only a few small magnets and a metal tin, such as an Altoids tin, you can create a fridge magnet that can hold some junk.

Step 1: Easy As 1,2,3

Okay, first take out all the candy, and if there is some sort of cushioning on the bottom leave it there if you like.

Second, attach the magnets onto the container.

Three, put the candy back in...

Four, put lid on...

And lastly, attach to the refridgerator for emergency candy use, or if you already ate the candy use it for storing small items such as screws, nails, etc.

Step 2: Gathering Your Materials

Things You Need:

. A round or regular candy tin such as the picture below.

. Five to ten thin magnets to hold onto the refridgerator.

. A mouth, to eat the candy (If you want)...I recommend it...

. And about 10 minutes or less of time



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It's strange that so many people just edit the original icon for their avatar.

thats cause l ike to rebel against THE MAN!

cool. id probably use a much stronger magnet, and use it for hiding stuff like those key hiders that where under wheel wells of cars , does anyone still use those key hiders? Thanks for the instructable

You really should have entitled this: "How to make a curiously strong fridge magnet" L

Hey, go easy on him guys, this is a cool idea. I would never have thought of it. Who says an instructable has to be 99 pages long to be cool?

It might be interesting to have a Title or maybe a paragraph explaining what the intent of the instructable is? Perhaps just a little more that put a magnet in a box and your done. Done with what? What is it? Did you just invent the Altoid Tin?

nevermind.. this is a little different.