Cool Glider - IT DOES GLIDE!!!


Introduction: Cool Glider - IT DOES GLIDE!!!

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Hi all Instructablees (people who surf on Instructables). This is my very very very first instructable, so try to refrain from being harsh (.).
Y'all probably seen Prony's stunt plane:

As he said, its unpredictable (no harsh feelings Prony). Hence I came up with this instructables to make this wonderful plane more predictable and of course, glide! (i do not take full credit of this plane as i was not the inventor of this plane)

Thats the wonderful plane below...

Step 1: Paper, Hands, Energy...Lets Start will need the following:
Paper -- preferably A4 sized, sturdy (not flimsy ones that are thin as skin from a pad of Tesco Value paper -- if u happen to want to use those, use like 2 sheets of paper --)
Your hands -- preferably with 5 digits on each hands etc.
Energy -- though you won't need much to make this plane, do have some energy in store for launching!

Step 2: Folding...

Aiite! we've got what we need to get started, so lets start.
We start by making the plane's 'nose'. !Remember to make your creases a crisp as poss!
1) fold paper to form a right angled triangle, so that the top edge of the paper (when placed portrait) touches the right edge of the paper.
2) open paper up and do the same to the other side (folding top edge down to left edge and making a right angled triangle.
3) open paper up.
4) flip paper over and fold the top edge down halfway the X mark from the folds so that the top corners meet with the bottom of the X)
5) open paper up and flip paper over, so that the previous crease has made a little hill if you put the paper 'flat' down
6) pick up paper by the edges of the peak of the 'hill' and gently push the cross over points of all crease liines back with your thumbs.
7) the top edge of the paper will be sitting on top of the side edges that are folded when u push the top flap down after step 6.
8)fold the top flaps up as show in the 4th picture and do the same for the other side. !!! IT IS IMPORTANT THAT YOU DO NOT DO ANY 'CENTRE FOLDS' (making a fold in the centre to create a centre line) AS THAT WILL MAKE THE PLANE A BIT FLIMSY !!!
9) fold the top top flaps in again as show in the next picture and repeat on the other side too!
10) fold the tip of the nose down so that the fold line of that will be along the horizontal edges of the previous fold.
11) tuck the flaps made from step 9 into the pockets in the folded tip.
12) flatten that out...OR...make it a bit puffy but still sturdy to act as an accelerator.

Step 3: Give It Glide...

So now we've reached the point after all the labourous folds...HOORAH! give yourself a good pat on the back...(not too hard or you'll send yourself flying!)...but...its not the end yet! still only 4 folds to go!!! so lets get'll get your well deserved break at the end.
1) have your plane placed so that the nose job you've just done to it is not visible (i.e. blank side).
2) fold along red line as show in first picture below.
3) fold along the blue line as shown in the next picture below, so that the top edge side edge of this fold lies directly on top of the side edge of the whole plane.
4) repeat steps 2 and 3 on the other side

Step 4: Preflight Checks

Ok. you have made it! all those folds and steps are over. Your plane is, however, not ready yet. emphasise on YET. It requires a preflight check.
1) adjust the stabilisers so that it stands at a right angle at each fold, so that your stabiliers are standing 'upright'. *tick!*
2) make sure the nose is as symmetrical as it possibly can...a crooked nose is always a bad sign for planes. *tick!*
3) have a look at the plane from the front and the back...adjust anything that is not symmetrical so that the plane IS symmetrical. *tick!*
4) hire a pilot. *tick!*
5) Trapezium plane is ready on the go! (yes, thats its name, trapezium).

Take off:
1) hold the plane on the sides of the nose (the isocelese triangle)
2) in a swift and gentle throw, release plane (try to release when plane is parellel to ground or slightly tilted upwards)

Step 5: If U Didn't Get Me...

ok...i know i'm prolly REALLY crap at describing how to do stuff and instructing i've made a video for all those who were baffled by me...ok...if the video's no improvement...just tell me...
o and...the quality wasn't the best...cuz i only have a cheap webcam to capture it.



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    Thank you! :D

    Kids love it, great job

    A very good glider, had a bit of trouble with diamond part, but got there in the end, I have not made paper planes in years, and I was useless at it, but theis is an excellent glider, best I ever seen.

    1 reply

    I can't take too much credit for it, just came across a few instructables on gliders, did some research, and decided to introduce a plane (and how to make it) from somewhere else into this community (not a publicity stunt for paper aeroplanes ;))

    this is one of the best gliders i havent designed it flys great. i didnt understand directions at all -- so i watched the video and figured it out.

    1 reply

    Glad it helped!

    Stap 2 is bad you say the other side and i didnt read furder, rest of the step are good. :D:D

    1 reply

    Sorry mate, maybe the video helps...if it still, been getting so many harsh comments on my vids on youtube that I had to make them all private...yea, Instructables is so much cooler, youtube is so less cooler xD

    Lol...once you get the hang, it should be alright...

    Notice how I said this subtle disclaimer line "i do not take full credit of this plane as i was not the inventor of this plane", hence it's not very applicable to moan and groan at me for taking credit for this plane, innit ;)...anyway, thanks for the comment, haven't had one for AAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaages! And one on Valentines day too! Adds to the atmosphere...

    cool the F37 sorta there buielt the same onlyi don't got stabelizers

    I've just finished making this instructable, (first attempt) and it flew about 40 feet out my bedroom window!!! thanks alot its a great little plane.

    You and your keys, anything else important to you=

    SeaLion- nice one! I agree with other comments- just watch the video which is nicely done. I got completely stuck with instructions elsewhere for a similar glider, but yours worked first time.

    I think the video quality is just fine, though you could cut down on the overblown whites by using a darker background and colored paper. You know, for future instructables. This looks fine to me. I miss my old origami books. Was a lot of fun in elementary school.

    2 replies

    Actually, the more I watch the video the more impressed I am by the great gesture you use to demonstrate the folding process. This will sound a little wierd, but it was almost professional hand model quality. With a little practice, you too could be doing the credits for Napoleon Dynamite and Palmolive commercials! (I told you it was wierd) Seriously. Good job.

    thanks!, it took me 30minutes to do the writing (including taking pictures with my webcam) and 30 minutes doing the video on youtube (i get all tense and mess up on the folds...) and wait for it to upload and stuff, so i put in tons of effort into making one small instructables...