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Most Hot Glue guns don't have any Power indicator.

And it can be risky to leave a powered on Hot Glue-gun open for a long time, accidentally...!!

Recently bought a Glue-Gun & I was thinking about the power indicator.

You can Drill a hole on the gun and put an AC indicator in it...

But, There is a cool way to place it. Also Simple way to make it.

Step 1: Tools & Parts

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Tools you Need:

  1. Soldering Iron
  2. Wire Stripper, Cutter
  3. Screwdriver

Parts / Components you need:

  1. Mini bright LED (Blue/ Red/ Green)
  2. Resistor - 100K 2W
  3. Diode - 1N4007
  4. Wire
  5. Heat Shrink Tube / Insulation Tape
  6. Clear Tape

Step 2: Circuit Setup & Installation

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Open Glue Gun:

  1. At first Open the Front Stand by little pressure.
  2. Remove all screws from the glue gun body.
  3. Pull up the Upper case.
  4. Now you can see all the inner circuit & mechanism.

AC Indicator:

  1. Do not cut the long pins of LED, It'll help to set the circuit in small space.
  2. Solder the Diode (+) & LED (-) pins.
  3. Solder the Resistor with LED (+) pin.
  4. For Help, See Diagram.
  5. Solder, two long wires to the Diode & Resistor ends.
  6. The, Insulate the open parts with Shrink Tube or Tapes firmly.
  7. Now the Indicator circuit is complete.

Install Circuit in the Gun:

  1. Set the LED under the Glue stick, and attach it on the Slide with a Clear Tape.
  2. Bend & pass the Wire under the Trigger, to the main power Joint.
  3. Join the wires with Glue-Gun AC Connections.
  4. Tape those wires on the cover, so they can't move later.
  5. After that, Put the upper Gun-Cover Back, Screw it & set the Front Stand.
  6. Mission COMPLETE.

Step 3: Finished Work & Extra Infos

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After Completing, Check it...

  • If the Light is low, try to decrease the Resistor Value.
  • If the light is not working, check the parts separately.
  • When Placing a new Glue-Stick, Keep eyes on the LED, not to touch it.

If there is any Question, or Problem in my Steps, Please inform me.

This is my first Inscrutable. Hope you will Enjoy it.

Thank You... :)


JaneP47 (author)2016-06-20

I use the TEC 305, this has a power indicator on - very handy! The switch at the bottom lights up when it is on.

arnablue (author)JaneP472016-06-21

In Indian Rupee that will cost about ₹1220... ($18)
I brought mine at ₹40, put the indicator at ₹30 max...
It cost total about $1...

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-06-19

Great idea. That way you can easily tell when the hot glue gun is on and when it isn't

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