Cool Hipster PDA-Like Organizer





Introduction: Cool Hipster PDA-Like Organizer

This is like a hipster PDA, but better!. It is more durable, sturdy, and easier to replace cards.

As many index cards as you want pages.
Two pieces cardboard, thin enough to cut easily (see step 2 for information on the sizes you are going to need to cut it to)
3 Binder Rings (available from Staples in a pack, may be called "Book Rings")

Step 1: Punch Holes in Index Cards

Choose how many index cards you want, and using either a one-hole puncher or an adjustable 3-hole punch with holes 2 and 3 removed (that's what I used) punch a little at a time to have the holes look like the picture.
The first time, punch the holes. The second time, use one card from the first time as a reference, so the holes will line up.

Step 2: Make the Cardboard

now, get a piece of cardboard and "punch" it (although a holepunch will probably not work and you'll end up using a knife :-P ) with the same holes as on the index card, except it needs to be slightly larger than the index cards and higher. Use the picture as a reference.

NOTE: If you want a "cover" cardboard, cut another piece exactly the same size as the Index Card. Then punch holes in it just like the index card and use that for the cover.

Step 3: Assemble

Put the binder rings in the backing cardboard first. Then add the cards. Then, if applicable, add the cover cardboard. Close the rings. You now have a stylish hipster pda-like organizer!
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    8 Discussions

    i've browsed through maybe a billion instructables in my day, had some fun and saw some incredible things, but i've got to say that this is the best thing i've ever seen. worthy of the only comment i've posted to date.

     If you mean why a stupid Instructable, why are you asking that?

    If you mean why a hPDA, then let me just tell you that these things are unbelievably useful for quite a few people, especially writers with no time to sit and write...

    I think a laminated index card or piece of laminated cardstock would work well for a cover and would be easier to punch holes in than cardboard.

    Old keyrings may work too :)