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A little creation of mine. It holds 14 CDs! and to fit more, all you need to do is extend it. Should be able to build from these pictures. Enjoy!

 - ajleece


gassybeans (author)2011-06-13

wow! looks like you're into heavy metal music

ajleece (author)gassybeans2011-06-13

Haha, i'm into heaps of stuff!

erikos kostarikos (author)2011-01-24

Do you like Iron Maiden?
Do you like metal music?
Do you think fish is good?

Vynash (author)erikos kostarikos2011-01-27


erikos kostarikos (author)Vynash2011-01-29

How can't you love fish man? ;',(
Fish ROCKS! :D

Vynash (author)erikos kostarikos2011-01-30

Fish is sick.

erikos kostarikos (author)Vynash2011-01-30

U rock man! =D

Vynash (author)erikos kostarikos2011-01-30

Fish is sick as in bad :P

Vynash (author)erikos kostarikos2011-01-27

And no I'm not a bad person :-D


You're a good person. ; )

Excellent. =p

DylanC911 (author)2011-01-29

Just what I needed. Nice job.

ajleece (author)DylanC9112011-01-30

Haha, no problem!

Vynash (author)2011-01-27

Verrrry good!

ajleece (author)Vynash2011-01-27

Heh, thanks!

DJ Radio (author)2011-01-24

Lol you're making a comeback to ibles.

ajleece (author)DJ Radio2011-01-24

Yes! I missed the old days.. So, time to bring out the big ole black box of knex.

Bartboy (author)ajleece2011-01-24

Wish I had your motivation... 5000 pieces under my bed and another 10 000 in my closet.

ajleece (author)Bartboy2011-01-25


Bartboy (author)ajleece2011-01-25

I could sell them, but i'd never get what they're worth :/ Just... keep em for sometime in the future =P They really need sorting too.... Total mess.

ajleece (author)Bartboy2011-01-25

Exactly! You should keep them!

Bartboy (author)ajleece2011-01-26

Just uh... wait another decade or so till I have kids... Maybe I will take some out... I did recently build a dual-barrel gun, but I haven't had much of a chance :/ Stupid high school, not hard at all but sooooo much work.

ajleece (author)Bartboy2011-01-26

Haha, okay. Nice.

kylebusch18 (author)2011-01-25

iron maidan CDs :)

ajleece (author)kylebusch182011-01-25


~KGB~ (author)2011-01-24

i like it, very simple! 4.5*

ajleece (author)~KGB~2011-01-24

Exactly! Simple, good looking, and clean. Thanks!

~KGB~ (author)ajleece2011-01-24

no problem! feature worthy =D

ajleece (author)~KGB~2011-01-24

Haha, thanks!

*casually pms the admins..*
=D Haha

~KGB~ (author)ajleece2011-01-24

no prob! lol haha

ajleece (author)~KGB~2011-01-24


~KGB~ (author)ajleece2011-01-24


ajleece (author)~KGB~2011-01-24

It would be awefully cool if it was featured though..

~KGB~ (author)ajleece2011-01-25

lol, true.

Senior Waffleman (author)2011-01-23

Good to hear from you aljeece, whats been goin on?

ajleece (author)Senior Waffleman2011-01-23

And, if ya wanna chat, open up a chatroom somewhere. I'm happy to have some entertaining company.

Senior Waffleman (author)ajleece2011-01-24


ajleece (author)Senior Waffleman2011-01-23

Not much, not much. But i guess you'll just have to wait and see.. =D

Senior Waffleman (author)ajleece2011-01-24


The Jamalam (author)2011-01-24

I take it you like iron maiden?

NatNoBrains (author)The Jamalam2011-01-24


The Jamalam (author)NatNoBrains2011-01-24

Probably was a bit of a wild guess :P

ajleece (author)The Jamalam2011-01-24

Yup! All the cds in there are iron maiden. =p
I'll make it wider to accompany new ones i get!

MegaMetal8 (author)2011-01-23


Senior Waffleman (author)2011-01-23

Other than that noobie pistol

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