A little creation of mine. It holds 14 CDs! and to fit more, all you need to do is extend it. Should be able to build from these pictures. Enjoy!

 - ajleece
wow! looks like you're into heavy metal music <br> <br>
Haha, i'm into heaps of stuff!
Do you like Iron Maiden?<br>Do you like metal music?<br>Do you think fish is good?
How can't you love fish man? ;',(<br>Fish ROCKS! :D
Fish is sick.
U rock man! =D
Fish is sick as in bad :P
And no I'm not a bad person :-D
You're a good person. ; )
Excellent. =p
Just what I needed. Nice job.
Haha, no problem!
<br>Verrrry good!
Heh, thanks!
Lol you're making a comeback to ibles.
Yes! I missed the old days.. So, time to bring out the big ole black box of knex.
Wish I had your motivation... 5000 pieces under my bed and another 10 000 in my closet.
I could sell them, but i'd never get what they're worth :/ Just... keep em for sometime in the future =P They really need sorting too.... Total mess.
Exactly! You should keep them!
Just uh... wait another decade or so till I have kids... Maybe I will take some out... I did recently build a dual-barrel gun, but I haven't had much of a chance :/ Stupid high school, not hard at all but sooooo much work.
Haha, okay. Nice.
iron maidan CDs :)
i like it, very simple! 4.5*
Exactly! Simple, good looking, and clean. Thanks!
no problem! feature worthy =D
Haha, thanks! <br> <br>*casually pms the admins..* <br>=D Haha
no prob! lol haha
It would be awefully cool if it was featured though..
lol, true.
Good to hear from you aljeece, whats been goin on?
And, if ya wanna chat, open up a chatroom somewhere. I'm happy to have some entertaining company.
Not much, not much. But i guess you'll just have to wait and see.. =D
I take it you like iron maiden?
Probably was a bit of a wild guess :P
Yup! All the cds in there are iron maiden. =p<br>I'll make it wider to accompany new ones i get!
Other than that noobie pistol

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