Step 6: Enjoy

Picture of Enjoy
Finally, find a nice place to put your little light. I have mine on my night table since it's not bright enough to wake up my wife, but enough to help navigate in the night. It looks small put is surprisingly effective. The best part is there are no wires and it is very portable. Enjoy.
banks4123 years ago
Where do you guys purchase your LED's from? I've bought 'diffused' LED's from Fry's and they weren't very bright (yes I know a diffused lens is probably the cause here. I went and bought a couple of clear lens LED's from Radio Shack and connected them to a 9V battery with a 1/4W resistor, and they just don't seem very bright. Everyone's pictures of LED projects seem VERY bright, and I'm wondering if I'm just purchasing bad quality lights or maybe people are having the same experiences and the pictures just look really nice...
acid4life5 years ago
Really nice, im gonna try this one
cruiserdog7 years ago
What is the lighter used for?
scooter76 (author)  cruiserdog7 years ago
The lighter had the LED/power supply inside (realy cool lighter), but you could use any small LED keyring or toy for this project.