Picture of Cool Magic Duct Tape Wallet

Do you have a standard old boring wallet? Well this instructable will show you how to add some style to your wallet and amaze your friends with it's "magic"!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials


-Duct tape: grey

-Duct tape: black

-starch paper from a folder or notebook cover

-Tools (scizzors, ruler)

(You don't have to use grey and black duct tape, that's just what I used)

Does this wallet hold credit cards?

i think so. it should. It depends if it fits.

Asamati98 (author)  kns1233 months ago
Check out my latest instructable, it hold cards!

Do you think for more heavy duty it could be used with cardboard?

Asamati98 (author)  ChubbyPotato1 year ago

Well this is fairly heavy-duty as it is but I guess you could either use cardboard or more layers of duct tape to strengthen the sides.

Asamati98 (author) 1 year ago
no this model does not. although I have tried to alter the design to be able to put cards into sleeves on the side, but it didn't seem to look as good or function as well as the one here.
MrOddjob2 years ago
Thank you, Asimati98. You have answered one of the burning questions of my life! My Grandmother had a purse with this feature built into it, and though she showed it to me repeatedly, I never could understand it. I was about 5 years old at that time, (1952), and I never could understand how it was done. Until now! Many thanks for relieving my mind from the turmoil it has been in since 1952!
Asamati98 (author)  MrOddjob2 years ago
Wow that's crazy! I'm glad I could help. Thanks for commenting!