Cool Marvel Heroes Painted Kids Table





Introduction: Cool Marvel Heroes Painted Kids Table

Here I took an old kid's table that had sports balls painted on it and repainted with Marvel Hereos my kids would like better. Got an easy, great result.

Step 1: Pick a Table You Will Paint


Acrylic paints (safe and water soluable until dry)

Artist brushes/differrent sizes

Old or new table you will use in kid's room (interesting shapes make for a more interesting result)

Pencil (to sketch your design on surface of table)

Glossy acrylic sealer or other type (I used spray for quick and easy result)

Step 2: Disassemble Table

Hopefully you can take table apart and into sections you will paint.

Step 3: Paint, Seal and Reassemble

Basically you just paint, seal and reassemble into your original painted table. Enjoy



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    Man this is Great!! I wish I had a ounce of artistic talent. If I did I would be doing this right now!!! I cant get over how nice those paintings look. Again GREAT JOB!!!


    Yes I did. Thanks for the comments. Maybe you can vote for this project in the Paint it contest if you think it is deserving. I have other projects in other contests you might like. Look up my painted old Medicine Cabinet into a cool shadow box project. :)