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I refinished an old mallet for use as a gavel for my library's Teen Advisory Board meetings.
It had a paper head which I primed with watered down Elmer's, and I sanded the wood handle. I spray painted it red, masked, the sprayed a few coats of black.



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    Cool! the flames really top it off. also, try a warhammer!

    Hey what wood did you use for that Gavel? but it does actually look cool just i would of used a lathe to get the cool dents in the wood. and lastly how did you even make it?

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    The gavel was already made when I acquired it. I believe it was made of pine.

    pine bruses easily for mine i used either brazillian cherry or mahogomy they are also extremily heavy and bang louder

    That is pretty awesome. I could definetly do that type of paint job with some other things I have around the house. Really cool.

    LOL, believe me, in use it looks bad ass.