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Hi there!!!!!!!!!! Thank you to ziggzaggzebra, Jax15, em loves crafting, hurricanescrach, izzyjbella, StrikeMCPE37229, MVMplay177, pigidie, jpack3, biggyyyy, and dinarte.fernandes.184 for following me!!!!!!!! I finally reached the goal!!!! :) UR AWESOME!

Okay... Anyways this is my instructable on cool minecraft furniture!!!!!!! So yeahhhh lets get started! ;)

Step 1: Chandelier!!!!

Picture of Chandelier!!!!

Okayyy so the materials are:


Step 2: Place Three Fences Like This

Picture of Place Three Fences Like This

Step 3: Place Four on the Side

Picture of Place Four on the Side

Step 4: Add Torches

Picture of Add Torches

Done!!! ;)

Step 5: Shelves!!!!! (easy)

Picture of Shelves!!!!! (easy)

Okayyyyyy the materials you will need are:


Step 6: Place Two Fences

Picture of Place Two Fences

Step 7: Trapdoors

Picture of Trapdoors

Done!!!! :)

Step 8: Lemonade Stand!!!

Picture of Lemonade Stand!!!


Yellow clay blocks (or yellow wool)

Step 9: Place Five Clay Blocks

Picture of Place Five Clay Blocks

Step 10: Place Fences

Picture of Place Fences

Step 11: Place More Clay Like This

Picture of Place More Clay Like This

Sorry its hard to see...... It was night time :,(

Step 12: Place Signs

Picture of Place Signs

The bottom sign says "50 cens"

Done!!!!! ;)

Step 13: High Chair!

Picture of High Chair!

The materials:


Step 14: Place Fence

Picture of Place Fence

Step 15: Place Stair

Picture of Place Stair

Step 16: Place Signs

Picture of Place Signs

Done!!!! 8) :D

Step 17: Thank You!!!!!!!!!

Picture of Thank You!!!!!!!!!

Thank u for seeing this instructable!!!!!! I hope u had fun!!!! Have fun and good luck! :D Make sure to
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I like Minecraft (author)2016-01-13

i like your furniture could you help me make a Minecraft pe TV I use paintings but it looks meh

Radha-KantaD (author)2015-11-02

in step 12 the bottom sign actually says "25 cents," ok?

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