Hi guys!!!!!!!! This is my new instructable on how to make COOL MINECRAFT FURNITURE #4!!!!!!! I hope u enjoy!!! Good luck and have fun! :D

Step 1: Swingset


Oak stair
Any block

Step 2: Stack the Fences 3 Blocks High

Step 3: Put Fences in Between

Sorry about the pic..... It was nightime

Step 4: Put One Fence Down

Step 5: Place a Block on the Ground

Step 6: Put the Oak Stair on It

Step 7: Break the Block

And you're done!!!! ;D

Step 8: Bed


Spruce slabs
Spruce planks

Step 9: Place 2 or 3 Beds

Step 10: Place the Planks Like This

Step 11: Put Slabs in Between

Step 12: Put Fences On

Step 13: Put Slabs on the Fences

Step 14: Put Slabs in Between

Step 15: Put Spruce Planks in the Middle

Done!!! :D

Step 16: Computer/Laptop


Stone slab
Any type of stairs
Any block

Step 17: Place Two Blocks

Step 18: Place Stairs Like This

Step 19: Place a Stone Slab in the Middle

Step 20: Add a Painting

Done!!!!!!! :O

Step 21: Thanks!!!!

I hope i get 15 followers!!!!!! That's my new goal!!!!! Also i hope you enjoyed!!!!!!! Comment what i should do next and it might be an instructable!! Thanks again!!!

<p>That is so cool. I will try this immidently </p>
Sup I will probably like it
Cool! Love it I might end up making a house using just your Instructables!

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