Step 4: Flattening the Cake

I need the cake to be flat, but the cake had risen in the middle during the baking process.  After letting the cake sit in the fridge over night, it was cool and a little stiffer to the touch.  This made cutting the rise out of the center of the cake much easier.  I just used a large knife and carefully shaved off the rise till the cake was pretty flat.
<p>You did a great job , especially for a non-cake decorator. Great instructable ! </p>
<p>We are attempting to make this today for my Son's 12th Birthday...It would have been nice to have a little more detailed instructions...but I will wing it. Thank you for the idea though.</p>
We had fun making this for a Cub Scout event. Thanks for the post.
Not really a minecraft fan but i like it
this is great! definitely making for my brother's birthday
Oh how cute! I love the water :D
Awe that is so cool! Nicely done!

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