Step 7: Adding Some Extras

The cake was almost done, but it felt too simple to me now.  So, by luck I hadn't eaten all of the spice cake cupcakes and realized that I could cut these in to extra small block of "land" to break up the plainness of the cake.  I cut them into small squares and decorated them with the green frosting.  Then I cut a few small blocks of the remaining Jello to add some extra bits of "water"
<p>You did a great job , especially for a non-cake decorator. Great instructable ! </p>
<p>We are attempting to make this today for my Son's 12th Birthday...It would have been nice to have a little more detailed instructions...but I will wing it. Thank you for the idea though.</p>
We had fun making this for a Cub Scout event. Thanks for the post.
Not really a minecraft fan but i like it
this is great! definitely making for my brother's birthday
Oh how cute! I love the water :D
Awe that is so cool! Nicely done!

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