Picture of Cool Mobile Charger
Ever needed your mobile to catch a pic or share something and just then your battery runs out. Recently I was checking out of the ones on eBay (see pic)  for portable or external mobile chargers and just realized I could make that ad started to build one. At the end I realized it wast so hard and it cost me around 10$ while the orginals were around 30$. And also looks quite like the one on ebay as in the pic.

In this tutorial Im going to show you how to build a simple portable mobile charger. This has a USB output so you can you can plug in various types of mobile phones. So you can stop searching for a charger and start sharing. More ever this is portable and can fit in ur pocket easily . This charger gives a constant output of 5v at 1amp. 
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Step 1: Parts

Picture of Parts

1) LM7805
2)USB input pin
3)Rechargeable 9V battery
4)A case to get all of this in.
5)A switch
6)Power input pin (see the pic)

Step 2: Circut

Picture of Circut
circuit 2.JPG
Follow the circuit  build the voltage regulator. Insert the switch in between the input DC positive, to turn off the circuit and save the battery . The other pin of the switch goes to the charger .
This gives us three modes of operation one internal battery charging , off and then an USB charger .

Step 3: Battery

Picture of Battery
For the battery I used old rechargeable mobile phone batteries which are rechargeable. I used two batteries connect in series which gave me 9V output. You can go with easy ways by using 9V rechargeable battery which comes with a charger. And for the case you could go with an  altoids container . To save space You could remove the capacitor , but if your mobile keeps on beeping then add it.
celalboz1 year ago
which of the 3 contacts are the wiring of the battery, two on left one on right? this type of batteries has 3 contacts, which two did you use?
great feat, thanks for sharing
hey wheres the switch go in ? i think u 4got that 1 part?