Cool Monster Face Paint




Introduction: Cool Monster Face Paint

Get in touch with your inner monster with this awesome colorful face inspired by Josie Wolters from the 2011 book Just For Fun Faces 2.

Note: The colors used are all made by Mehron Paradise: Light Blue / Light Green / Mauve / Black / White.

Step 1: Blue Face

To start, paint your entire face with light blue.

Step 2: Add Green & Purple

From there, sponge some light green on the forehead, along the jawline, browbones, bridge of the nise, and chin. Follow that with purple around the eye sockets and along the green areas on the face for darkened dimension.

Step 3: Black and White

Now, finish off with black and white. Add horns and teeth, then top it off with black & white highlights a d details. If you're painting this yourself, remember that not all monster faces are the same. So, I'd find it vbest for you to paint it in a way that it suits your level of difficulty.

Step 4: Monsterous Face

Now, you can give it your best monstrous attitude in this trendy face paint. I called this the cool monster, because Josie used cool colors (namely green, blue, and purple). But, that doesn't mean you have to! You can paint this design using different colors. Try using red, orange, and yellow for the hot monster look!



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