Cool Moving Table Deco.





Introduction: Cool Moving Table Deco.

How to make cool moving table deco.



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    That is a really interesting deco indeed. I also like to DIY some of the decorative around the house but I keep them simple so that their removal will be easy should I wish to change them in the near future. I also believe that less is always more so when you keep things in minimal, they will look nicer than having too much of messy things.

    where do we get thse rivets ?

    Where do you get the orange and yellow pieces?

    I'd really like to see written instructions and still pictures. I can't follow the video.

    what is it made out of because i would like to know because i would like to make it i already know there are rivets but what else is it

    golics you leave me speechless with this stuff. all i can say is "wow". thats genius!

    You could even extend this by making more "shapes" and adding around the edge. No limit! ;) Though it wouldn't really be useful as a table deco.

    It looks pretty cool, but not really good for a table decoration. I mean, how would you set anything on the table? Still, nice work.

    Where do you get the plastic things, i haven't seen any folder attachments in that shapw