video Cool Moving table deco.
How to make cool moving table deco.
mcsk8rg2 years ago
where do we get thse rivets ?
Where do you get the orange and yellow pieces?
dchall87 years ago
I'd really like to see written instructions and still pictures. I can't follow the video.
me to
violetkitty4 years ago
what is it made out of because i would like to know because i would like to make it i already know there are rivets but what else is it
golics you leave me speechless with this stuff. all i can say is "wow". thats genius!
Ganoderma6 years ago
You could even extend this by making more "shapes" and adding around the edge. No limit! ;) Though it wouldn't really be useful as a table deco.
Knytemere7 years ago
It looks pretty cool, but not really good for a table decoration. I mean, how would you set anything on the table? Still, nice work.
craig37 years ago
Where do you get the plastic things, i haven't seen any folder attachments in that shapw
They're not part of the folder. They're rivets.
As soon as I saw the intro part with it going in and out (haha), that was SO cool! Great job!
I too would like to see this as a written instructable.... definitely interested in building this :P