Introduction: Cool PC Tricks: Part 1: THE DUPLICATED ICONS

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Ever wonted to make a cool trick on your friends or family members using their or your own PC???

Step 1: The First Step:

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In this first step, we're gonna make the background, it will be the same as your current one. To do it you have to:

1- Close All open programs and press 'Print Screen' on your keyboard.

2- Save the image to your desktop: Start> all programs> accessories> paint: paste> file> save as.

Step 2: The Second Step:

Picture of The Second Step:

Next, you have to open your saved picture, and then set it as your desktop background:

Open your picture> right click> Set as Desktop Background.

Step 3: The THIRD AND LAST Step

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Congratulations, your done!!!

Now delete your saved pictures, and try moving your desktop icons: they are DUPLICATED!!!

*Any problems or mistakes, please comment!*

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greamy (author)2015-07-01

I like the prank and all the pranks in the comments to!

ADIAN HERRERA (author)2011-06-12

you could also right click any other icon and click properties. there should be a button that says "change icon". click on it and there should be a list of icons to choose from. pick your favorite and watch as someone falls into your trap! :D

rich2871 (author)2010-12-25

Or even better is to use powerpoint. Take a screenshot of the desktop first, open powerpoint and paste it to a slide, set the slide for neverending and ignore mouse clicks. He will see the mouse move but there is no effect on the screen until he hits escape, done this a few times, works good for a little while.

sonty (author)2010-02-12

 I have done this, when i  was studing in 10 th class.
But it is good for begniers.

tiuk (author)2008-10-11

The prank is more funny if you remove the original icons from the desktop, so when the person goes to click on them (because they're in your background image) nothing happens. I recommend hiding them in a folder somewhere instead of actually deleting them all, that'd be unnecessarily cruel.

or just right click choose properties and unclick "show desktop icons" on windows vista click view> unclick "view desktop icons"

theXmaker (author)tiuk2008-10-11

that can be good, I told you an idea, then you can do whatever you want now.

Scammah (author)2008-10-11

That was kinda small. Check out this if you want to see it bigger [IMG][/IMG]

Scammah (author)2008-10-11

This is what I did to my computer to make it look cool using your idea. It basically adds a subtle reflection behind the original icons.

Hands Without Shadows (author)2008-10-11

It took me longer to decipher the final picture then to read the instructable ;-)

Steamdnt (author)2008-10-11

It's been done so many times.

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