Here's Instrctions For The 4 Winged Paper Airplane!

First Take An Original A4 Paper And Start Folding

It's Going To Look Like This In The Front

Step 1: Now Start Folding!

Fold The Paper Like This

Step 2: Folding

Now Push The Sides In And Do This

Step 3: Still Folding

And Now Fold Like This

Step 4: Now the Wings!

Now You Can Make The Wings!
And Then It's Done!

(you can modify it if you want)
<p>don t get this</p>
it says it has been removed
Fail. -_-
joined the site just to make the airplane but it sucked waste of my time
it says its been removed
it says its been removed
ummmm i dun know wut to do
hard to follow,could have done with some more pictures.
Looks sweet, but as miko said, at least one final pic would make it complete!
What the heck, that's so cool! Real pictures would be appreciated.

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