This is a very easy but extremely fun prank, your office buddies, teachers, or others will be scratching there head in disbelief at this funny prank.

Step 1: Materials!!!

1. A paper clip 2. Some printer paper 3. An victims photocopier

Step 2: Put Paper Clip on Copier

Take a paper clip and put it on the photocopier as shown!

Step 3: Copy

Ok now you copy the paper clip several times until you have enough to fill the paper holder thingy an remove the paperclip XD

Step 4: Laugh Out Loud

So now every time someone wants to copy something a pesky paper clip will show up! They will look frantically for the paperclip on the photocopier but it will be no where to be found XD
Jake!!! hey man don't use my name on this site >_> the illuminati are after meh.
Hey Kyle!!! Its me! Jake from school. Just wanter to let you know that you have to win this for me man. I need to use the annoy-a-tron on mrs mcaulaoc! XD seriously man I hope you win, amazing idea too.
<p>I tried this and it is going to be sooo funny to the teachers at school!</p>
I might try this, this is pretty funny
Isn't this from KipKay? It a good idea though!
Jake I highly doubt ill win but if I do ill shared the machine which you man, that teacher is wack XD
This is pure evil genius...I love it! It would be the perfect prank to play on your co-workers for April Fool's day. :D<br> <br> BTW, I did a post on it on <a href="http://www.nerdeh.com/2013/03/fiendishly-funny-paperclip-prank.html" rel="nofollow">the Nerd Eh! blog</a>. Hope you don't mind!
Nah man, I couldn't care less, I actually enjoyed someone taking interest! Its great to know im not the only Canadian on this site! XD
I don't approve.
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beautiful project, if this dosnt win the contest ill walk into central park and light meself on fire.
Haha! Back in the day, when I was a copier repair dude, this was one of our school trouble shooting pranks. The tech almost always failed. I got the answer by accident. I went to unplug the copier before removing the glass. (A school requisite) By chance I looked into the paper tray and saw the image on the paper. Of course, I played it off like I figured it out. (of course) I bet you could even stump your friendly local tech. Just don't call him out for the prank, you will probably get charged for the call...

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