This is a very easy but extremely fun prank, your office buddies, teachers, or others will be scratching there head in disbelief at this funny prank.

Step 1: Materials!!!

1. A paper clip 2. Some printer paper 3. An victims photocopier
Jake!!! hey man don't use my name on this site >_> the illuminati are after meh.
Hey Kyle!!! Its me! Jake from school. Just wanter to let you know that you have to win this for me man. I need to use the annoy-a-tron on mrs mcaulaoc! XD seriously man I hope you win, amazing idea too.
<p>I tried this and it is going to be sooo funny to the teachers at school!</p>
I might try this, this is pretty funny
Isn't this from KipKay? It a good idea though!
Jake I highly doubt ill win but if I do ill shared the machine which you man, that teacher is wack XD
This is pure evil genius...I love it! It would be the perfect prank to play on your co-workers for April Fool's day. :D<br> <br> BTW, I did a post on it on <a href="http://www.nerdeh.com/2013/03/fiendishly-funny-paperclip-prank.html" rel="nofollow">the Nerd Eh! blog</a>. Hope you don't mind!
Nah man, I couldn't care less, I actually enjoyed someone taking interest! Its great to know im not the only Canadian on this site! XD
I don't approve.
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beautiful project, if this dosnt win the contest ill walk into central park and light meself on fire.
Haha! Back in the day, when I was a copier repair dude, this was one of our school trouble shooting pranks. The tech almost always failed. I got the answer by accident. I went to unplug the copier before removing the glass. (A school requisite) By chance I looked into the paper tray and saw the image on the paper. Of course, I played it off like I figured it out. (of course) I bet you could even stump your friendly local tech. Just don't call him out for the prank, you will probably get charged for the call...

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