Introduction: Cool Pen Rocket Launcher!!!

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This one is everyone's favourite. Let's get started, it's simple, TRUST ME !!!

Step 1: Materials ...........

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I guess you will get all these household items ( pen, tape, clip and a pin or paper clip will do)!!, besides, it's easy to find them, Good Luck!:))

Step 2: Easy One( I Know It's a Piece of Cake:))

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Remove the front and back of the pen, also remove the refill and SAVE IT. Throw away the front and the base part;)

Step 3: Also Easy...

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Tape the cap of the pen to the base of the pen, such a way it does not cover the entire cap. (Refer the pics)

Step 4: Inserting......

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Insert the rubber band into the cap's opening and hook the other one in the pin's top part( refer the pics.):))

Step 5: Loading the Bullet...

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Open the pin and insert it's sharp side into the refill's base and put the refill into the pen's body.

Step 6: .....Optional (you're Almost Done)

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Insert the clip just as shown in the pics and you have added your launcher, so great job guys!!!!

Step 7: ....and You're Done.

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Enjoy your rocket launcher!!! (comment below)


RobinA80 made it! (author)2017-04-14

super cool

Richard2926 (author)RobinA802017-06-10


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