Cool Physics With a Smart Phone


Introduction: Cool Physics With a Smart Phone

Novel approach to the falling body physics lab using oscilloscope apps with audio input through device microphone.



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    Love it - this is the best reason to allow "smart" devices in the classroom.

    I wonder - could it pick up the sound of a bouncing ball?

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    I'm still learning my way around Instructables. See the bouncing ball profile.

    Photogate circuit diagram.

    Photogate Circuit.jpg

    Here is your answer Kiteman! Bouncing ball decay profile with OsciPrime.

    Bouncing Ball.jpg

    That was "great idea Kiteman".

    Great I sensitivities kite man. You can set the trigger to any sensitivity. The closer to the baseline the more sensitive. I am sure it would pick up a bouncing ball. I knew it wouldn't take long for folks to come up new uses.