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Introduction: Cool Somewhat Powerful Hand Cannon

I got the idea from someone else on here but their design was meant to be a handgun. My design is meant more to be a hand cannon though.

Step 1: Gather All the Components

27 yellow or gray 5 slot connectors
One orange piece
3 long gray or black rods
2 small bungee cords or rubber bands

Step 2: Making the Barrel

This part is easy all you need to do is put the last 2 connectors of the yellow pieces into two of the gray rods.

Step 3: Make the Inside

All you need to do is tape the orange piece to the remaining gray rod. Then put that into the whole in the yellow connectors

Step 4: Attaching the Bungee Chords

This part is quite easy just loop the bungee around the orange piece and then from there down to the bottom of the barrel. Tie one of your bungee chords 6 times in the middle to shorten it up a bit.

Step 5: Loading the Gun

You take a small white piece or a small gray piece pull the orange thing back put the piece in and then let go.



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    did you actually build the gun and how do you think the gun shot compared to the others that you may have built

    this doesn't even have a trigger. And this definatly won't shoot further than an NAR

    the point of that was because if you think about hand cannons did not have triggers and they were a pain to load so is my gun and they were not meant to go long distances so it is not a gun OK?

    whatever you want. It's still not good enough for todays standards

    it is not suppose to be it was just a project i wanted to work on so you do not need to use it if you do not want to

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    For the love of god, PLEASE, no one vote!

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