(This is my first instructable so be cool)

This is just some cool stuff I've thought up over the past 2 years or so.

P.S. I'll put more pics and stuff later sorry

Step 1: The Super Poker

Well one day I was at my friend's house and we was bored and I saw a paper clip and a thumb tack, and it hit me... I could start some fun.

Its pretty easy

Materials :paper clip, thumb tack duh

1) Get the paper clip straight
2) Wrap one end of the paper clip around the thumbtack
3) Put the thumb tack on the end of your index finger and wrap it around your finger.
4) Your finished, be careful not to poke to hard or run with it, I am not responsible for any injuries.
Have fun!

In the back you can see me working on this instructable
I'm gonna take over the world with the EPIC power of the... SUPER POKER!!!
club penguin <br>
wow cool avatar..
look at mine it moves but you have to go to my profile
oh yeah, kool<br />
It's a club penguin avatar - a free&nbsp;game which involves you playing a penguin, and getting items.
lol i used to play that when i was 10 i hope your 10 or 11 or under rite?
It's cool it smokes if u do it hard
Ya where did you get the bullet shells?
i found them in the mountains
i found them in the mountains
lol you said boring pick and ur talking about a pick

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