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Restart your friend's Ipod into diagnostics mode as a cool trick!

This should work on just about any Ipod (except the shuffle.... Duh!)

Step 1: ReBoot It

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While at the main menu, press the center button and the play button (bottom one) at the

same time for about 6 seconds.

The Ipod should reboot.

Step 2: Bring It Into Diagnostics Mode

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While the little "apple" symbol is displayed on the screen press the center button and the back button at the same time.

It may take a while to load into diagnostics so don't take you fingers off of the buttons for about ten seconds, If it brings up the main menu before then you can stop (it didn't work).

You'll know that it worked if you see something akin to the picture below.

It took me about 6 times to get it right so don't feel frustrated, the touch wheel buttons are really sensitive and the commands don't always work...

Step 3: Have Fun!

The diagnostics menu doesn't do very many practical things, but its still fun to play around with and it

has an option to put the iPod into hibernation, the closest thing I can find to turning it off if I need to

store the batteries.


bobbyderf123 (author)2010-01-09

dude HELP ME PLEASE! im in the diagnostics mode and i hit something and it says:


 HP_Detect :  0

and i cant get off of it and it wont do any thing, i plugged it into my computer and it doesnt do anything, the computer doesnt even detect it, help me please

sora (author)bobbyderf1232011-11-27

plug in head phones

mattameo213 (author)bobbyderf1232010-01-10

What model/generation iPod are you using?
Was it in diag. mode when you plugged it into the computer?
What OS are you using?

HAZMAT2364 (author)2009-04-09

How do you get it back to normal?

mattameo213 (author)HAZMAT23642009-04-11

Just go into the power menu, then select the HIB test, that will put it into Hibernation. Press any button to bring it back and the iPod will boot into normal mode.

hmm... (author)mattameo2132011-01-09

On the iPod Nano 5th Generation, it's under "Sleep". And it's called "Deep Sleep". Then just turn your iPod on again and it's back to normal.

cool knex13 (author)hmm...2011-04-21

look at my secret menu trick and it will tell you how

MadEvil Lemon (author)HAZMAT23642009-07-17

throw it at a brick wall and it will explode into butter flys and u will hav a new iPod

NYPA (author)2009-12-29

Wow! Though you might want to check out this discussion before doing anything else

mrmerino (author)2009-10-10


mattameo213 (author)mrmerino2009-10-10

Wait, did it break after trying this?
Was the iPod in the service mode when you plugged it in?
Try rebooting it (center and play button)

botboycreator (author)2009-05-25

Does it work with iPod Touch?

I don't think that it will, but you never know. (If it does work, it will probably display the information through the USB port so a MAC techie can use the feature)

maxpower49 (author)2009-01-21

how can you tell what genneration your ipod is

mattameo213 (author)maxpower492009-01-21

Very Carefully.....
The only way I know of is to Google "Ipod Chart" or "iPod gen" eventually you'll find something.
The identifiers are mostly looks, the appearance of the ipod usually determines its gen.
If all else fails ask the designers: Design

Wafflicious (author)2009-01-13


mattameo213 (author)Wafflicious2009-01-15

Just restart the ipod. Navigate the menu using the >>| and |<< buttons to move up and down. If that doesn't work, go to Sleep -> HIB test. This powers it down, press any button to bring it back, it should boot into normal mode.

Wafflicious (author)mattameo2132009-01-16

Lol thanks... but i figured that out like right after i posted the comment

Marble of Doom (author)2008-12-11

Works on iPod Nano 4th gen.

Great, Thanks.

froggyman (author)2008-11-21

interesting, a different diagnostic menu apears on 5th generation ipod though

mattameo213 (author)froggyman2009-01-15

Cool. Is it more sophisticated?

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