Picture of Cool Wave Ring
You will learn how to make a cool wave ring. View the following videos to learn how to
size your finger and use a jeweler's saw to cut your template. You will also learn how to soften the brass by annealing it, and then silver solder the ring together by using a torch. Finish the cool wave ring off by sanding and buffing it until it shines. Finally, get inspired by checking out Step 6: INSPIRABLES. This instructable was created with and for Hyde Middle School students as an instructional aid in their metal shop classes.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
Here is a list of tools and supplies needed:
Most tools and supplies can be found at your local hardware store. Any specialty tools and supplies can be found at [http://http//www.riogrande.com Rio Grande]
markjel1 year ago

what a beautiful tutorial. by the way the easiest way to find your ring size is to download and use this application for free: http://www.jewelrykind.com/content/14-free-ring-size-converter

n-kitty3 years ago
Hey! this is such a great instructable!
I was just wondering how do you do the little stick people or writings etc?
:) thanks!
Funky Koval3 years ago
Firstly thank you very much for this awesome tutorial! This is very useful !!
I have a few question about soldering. First, about flux for soldering aluminium (if and what can I do prepare this in my house?), for example, how I can solder ultra thin aluminium sheet from coke can? May I do this with as solder wire, piece of bar of aluminium from the same coke can? What kind of torch I must have, just like this above is enough? And I have another question about soldering copper or brass. In this method which You show above, after soldering exist any visible mark of sew, or another colour aberration?
Thanks for all, cheers!
how did you do the stars on the last image in the intro? i want to do something similar to those but i havent done anything like this before
hydemetals (author)  curious youth3 years ago
The stars are done with a metal stamp. It is a good idea to anneal the metal first to soften it up. These stamps can be purchased through riogrande.com.
Ok then thanks :) great instructable btw so detailed and easy to follow especialy for first time ring makers like me. cheers again
kought4 years ago
I can not find any place to buy the brass! I have check Home Depot, Lowes, and Ace Hardware. I can't find the right thing online either!
lowes has brass and copper in the hobby drawer in the hardware area (nuts and bolts isle)
mlooker kought4 years ago
http://metalliferous.com/ has sheets of just about every metal you can want. I was buying copper & brass from them for pendants - nice to have another use for them! :)
just get a nice brass pipe or something thats brass and the right thickness, cut it to where you and flatten it. i got a pipe, cut through th middle, and hammered it flat
matroska4 years ago
Holy carp. This is one hell of an interesting instructable!

All the step are so detailed!

With this, and my current knowledge of metalworking (not very extensive... but existing), I'll attempt some silver plated rings, and perhaps eventually gold-plated rings too.
A little more about plating ... I'm sure there many instructable out here that could explain how it works and how to do it properly.

The basic concept is quite simple: You put your finished piece in a conductive solution, you add the "donor" metal (the metal from which some material will be taken) and you pass a current between your piece and the donor metal (the current will 'flow' in your solution which is conductive). This will indeed grab some material from the donor and deposit it evenly on your piece. The process is permanent.
Is the solder seam obviously visible? is it a different color?
SAGE274 years ago
This looks fun and easy, but how long do you have to wait for the brass to cool down for, until you bend the metal. Does it still have to be alittle warm, or at least cool to the touch. I'm new to metal work.
The metal can cool right down before you bend it. Once it is annealed it will soft and easier to work.
Maverik7 years ago
Hey i know you said you could find the brass stock at home depot, but i couldnt find any. Any suggestions on where else to find stock? thanks
ogorir Maverik5 years ago
Mcmaster carr (mcmaster.com)
allbeef Maverik6 years ago
ace hardware
hydemetals (author)  Maverik7 years ago
Orchard supply hardware
nice well not so much i can see scrathces
I like that you showed the cutting basically in "real time" so we could have an idea of how long it takes.
Crucio6 years ago
What size/number saw blade did you use?
hydemetals (author)  Crucio6 years ago
Thank you for the question. I didn't realize that I did not include the size jeweler saw blade. The blade is a 0 or a 1. The rule of thumb is that there is at least two teeth per thickness of metal.
Crucio6 years ago
What a wonderful tutorial!
Sunny1246137 years ago
awesome, I finally have the time to look @ this one...
also, wat if you dont have a jewelers saw, can u use an old fashioned jig saw?
walmzdawg7 years ago
can you do this with stainless steel? as in can u still use the solder? and how muhc did this cost u in total?
Candles7 years ago
I found some at a good price
Economy Jewelers Saw Frame
Our Price: $6.97 each

going to get one today.
yeppy6237 years ago
So niceo!!! I was very confused at annealing and soldiering but this video you made showed how to do it clearly! I wish I had time to make a ring...
I think it will help other students much, too!!!
holaman7 years ago
good job! i didnt start but i might start soon! u make it look so easy ur so pro i mean i like the jeweling saw part very well made thank u!!!!!
hyunster7 years ago
Nice!! Nice way of showing all the tools.For the youtube video,you dont really need music.It kinda makes you not pay attention to the movie.
lakj7 years ago
Nice job, Mr. Nolte! The ring you made is so cool! Your step-by-step video was pretty nice too. The only thing I would suggest you to do would be to speed up the long parts because they were kinda boring. Other than that, your instructable was perfect! Sincerely, your student, Andrew Johnson. Period 2. Hyde Middle school
I love how you spread out the materials and the steps are easy to follow. I also like it how you zoomed in on the annealing to show the change of color.
Andrei103337 years ago
I think the wave ring is very cool, the step are very easy to follow, and it looks like you spend a lot of time making these movies.
vaidarnav7 years ago
radical! i never knew that hyde could make these cool rings! i liked the second last one the best. rock on hyde! great videos Mr. N! this helps more than anything!
vaidarnav7 years ago
hey! that was a great video! i thought that it really looked like a pro's movie or some thing. not that boring, yet strangly interesting. i liked the buffing part.
vaidarnav7 years ago
i thought it was a good instructable step. also, some of the words couldn't be seen either in the background or the disappeared to fast. Nice!
Thanks for the instructions! Now i will have a ring that looks just like how i want it to! I will know how to make a ring!
vaidarnav7 years ago
i thought that it was great! i loved how you looked at details such as the jewelers saw, and good safety precautions! its a good instructable for begginers. Rock on!
vaidarnav7 years ago
wow! i never thought that this would be so informative! i thought that i could really get started with the ring with this. super!
martin1237 years ago
thats preety cool, you can make a preety good business selling those
this display inspired me and its cool how stundents can do this stuff and btw the second to last one is mine and its so awesome personally i think its da best because its unique
thiis really helped me make my ring especially the sodering part because i was stuck and didnt know what to do thank you.
Thank you for your instructions on rings. Although I have only a few days left in this class I will certainly keep these instructions in mind if I ever want to make a ring! So thanks again and I hope you win the laser cutter so good luck on that!
V-ferret7 years ago
Mr.Nolte so far awesome only thing explain how to check the tension on the jewelers saw and maybe type out the instructions Because some people can't watch videos on you tube and thus they are robbed of a learning experience
This is really cool! It’s great to have all the instructions here because I really didn’t have a good view when mr. nolte was explaining the whole thing so I was like “wait, what do u do?” but now since I looked at this thing I have a better understanding at how to make a ring. Also, the pictures are great. Good job!
Over the break I looked at many different instructables and the Cool Wave Ring does the best job demonstrating the procedure to make a ring. All the steps for the Cool Wave Ring are very detailed and I felt that I wouldn't have any questions while making it for someone. Also, the pictures are very clear. My favorite picture shows the soldering procedure. I can tell that you put a lot of time into this instructable. Good Job Mr.Nolte!
kookiegrrl7 years ago
this is a fab fab tutorial!
Dzwiedziu7 years ago
All the videos are dead as for now :/
hydemetals (author)  Dzwiedziu7 years ago
I'm not sure what you mean. I just checked to see if the videos are working and they worked for me.
hydemetals (author)  hydemetals7 years ago
I checked all of the videos again and step 4 annealing and soldering did not work. I was running safari at the time. When I switched over to firefox all of the videos worked fine. Something strange is happening. I almost wonder if I should include a link plus the video just in case.
mr.kirby7 years ago
this can be very helpful for people that want to make a ring but what if they don't have the tools to make a ring?
You can use a butane pen torch if your ring is not too big & heavy, for flux you can use regular laundry borax dissolved in water. for pickle you can use citric acid crystals in a simmering pan on the stove or in a crock pot. For polish you can use tooth paste on a rag. Another thought: if you are using copper on your ring, drop it, hot from the soldering table into a hot water borax solution and you will get a beautiful cherry patina. Just don't polish too aggressively afterwards or you'll work it right off.
This is a very good suggestion -- especially if you're working with middle schoolers, who tend to be a little enthusiastic about putting things in liquids. This is a lot safer (and just as effective) as the other chemicals.
I think that this is very easy to follow. The inspirables help to show how it can look in the end.
swiebe7 years ago
Wow! This is a great idea. I love the video instruction.
adrianaF7 years ago
thank you so much for making this instructable.it really helped me understand more about how to make rings.its really going to help me make rings better in the class.so thanks!
hyderulez947 years ago
nice video Mr.nolte!!! I think for people who have never worked with metal this would be a great start for them and you demonstrated really good. I think this may be my next project. =D
Kai Morelos-Z in Period 3
brodie6437 years ago
what another awesome idea dude megacool
ratrace1357 years ago
Nice job Mr.Nolte!Your instructable had cool videos(with good music), lots of ring ideas, and made it really clear about what to do. It was even better because it had what tools to use and said where you can get them.
the annealing and soldering is very clear. I didn't get it in class, but the instructable on annealing really helped me out
babyboi5127 years ago
sweeeeeeeeeet i wanna make mi gf one but i dont realli hav the stuffs to make one grrrrr
wolfy027 years ago
i wish my own shop class did this when i was in high school, but then again we couldn't do much because well lets not get my personal feelings in the matter, great project and great idea! now all those high school guys can make as many promise rings as they want or need! lol
monkeyrules7 years ago
thanks mr nolte!!!!!! now it persuaded me into doing a wave ring!!!!!!!! i probably going to start a.s.ap.
This video was super awesome and rings came out great! It was really helpful because I'm just starting a ring right now and it just prevented me from making like a 100 mistakes i probably would have made if i didn't watch this video. One part that was really helpful to me was when you were designing the template, because I didn't know that there were any specific measurements involved in that. The soldering part came out TERRIFIC! It was so cool how it just rolled up into a ball... The part that helped me the most however was the buffing, because i was wondering, wouldn't be hard to buff it? But the way you showed it was very clear and extremely easy to understand. The sound effects were good and they made the video even more interesting! Thanks for the video. Overall, I think it is fit to win a prize!!! From Madhuri, period 6
Jultra7 years ago
this rings are so cool This sowed me how to make a cool wave ring and this one actually shows the tools that we need to make this and buffing is pretty hard to me and the way you made some of these rings so shiny, now that's coolio from Julian T period 3
I think this is so cool It showed me how to buff my ring since i think i was not there it also reminded me how to soder so after break i think i will finish my ring i like the video but i don't think most people have this stuff at home from aryana period 5
Pretty nice.
It was very nicely made and helped me understand more about making a wave ring.
This would make a great Christmas present. =-)
Wow! Nice picture of the torch, iddn't know you could take one that close, thanks for labling your objects, too!
I have found that looking at the pictures in step 2 is very helpful, i recommend it to anyone that is foggy on making the wave ring. Thank you for posting this instructable. I have found it a good use of time!!!
Thank you! At the beginning, I had no idea you could make such an interesting product with such little funding and training. These pictures and videos have helped me understand how to make this ring. I will certainly try this!!
In the begining I didnt want to make a ring but this instructable persuaded me to consider making a ring after the winter break before the next semester.
how do you do the black inlaid designs in the example pics?
hydemetals (author)  fordman152437 years ago
Anneal metal, stamp with a metal stamp, solder and sand the ring, apply liver of sulfer solution to the stamped area. Wait for it to do its work and then sand and buff the ring. Liver of sulfer solution can be purchased from www.riogrande.com
sascha337 years ago
great vid Mr Nolte it helped me understand how to make the ring a lot better I think i will do a wave ring now. one word of advice though you were finishing step two and you said now your ready for step two.
borisrocks7 years ago
This instructable is great for anyone to make because it would make a great present for anyone, especially when Christmas is coming.
Spartan S807 years ago
Cool ring bling
Cool ring Mr. Nolte
hella bling old skool style....awesome
hella sick. i remember when mr nolte cut his finger sawing with the jewlers saw. ew.... yeah well anyway maybe il do this ring
piperjon7 years ago
Excellent, excellent, excellent! Your kids are lucky to have you as an instructor. I'll echo the sentiment that this is one of the best instructibles on this site. Good job! - Pj
haha also this is great to go back on when mr nolte is busy!! GO TEAM NOLTE!!!
Algore7 years ago
I found this instructable very helpful for us. For example today i wanted to start a wave ring in class but i had forgotten how to do it so i went through this ineluctable. It was amazing how fast i learned. I also had problems drawing the waves when i recognized if i went to the slide that had the pic of the design and zoomed it by%55 it would be an automatic pattern as soon a i cut it out. And indeed it did work. I did %55 Percent for a size 10 finger so if you have a smaller or bigger finger make sure to adjust the zoom. I also found the Inspirables section very inspiring.LOL. It had great designs you could use for other ring using the same process. All in all i learned a LOT.
Alex C.7 years ago
it is helpful to label the supplies and tools you used to make the ring, so we know what tools and supplies to use.
ashwinhyde7 years ago
I found this Instructable to be very thorough and explanatory. The videos really gave a close up image of the ring and made it very clear how to do things that may have otherwise been much harder to understand. I also find that videos and pictures sometimes help us understand things much better than written instructions, especially if you are a "visual" type of person. I found the "inspirables" section to be a wonderful idea because it showcases other rings done by other metal workers. I really liked the first step on this Instructable because it not only listed the tools needed for a wave ring but also showed pictures of them. Overall, I found this a very informative and fun Instructable
KINGRAT7 years ago
Excellent ! you guys get an A+
nanor113957 years ago
now this is a great instructable if only i could do it i wish i could buy one from you
hydemetals (author)  nanor113957 years ago
Thank you for your comments. Maybe we can arrange something for one of my students to make a custom ring.
have you ever heard of Etsy.com? in a nutshell, you make stuff and sell it on the site.
spencer1237 years ago
Great use of detail in all of the steps. The close ups also helped when buying tools. Using the jeweler's saw was very detailed when putting in the blade in and cutting. When soldering it really helped when you demonstrated it because I was very confused on how to solder before the video. The rawhide mallet really makes a differece when making the ring round and I tried going faster and not using the mini file to file the seam before I soldered. I had to resolder it because the solder broke very easily. Sanding with the techniques I saw in the video from you made sanding a snap. I really liked the inspirables page because it gave me a great idea for my next ring. It is going to be a wave ring with a baseball in the middle of it.
The extra close ups at the end helped me to solder also.
KeanAssasin7 years ago
Ah.....the perfect gift, and a fun project for the school thnk u TEAM NOLTE
jhMUFC7 years ago
The instructions for this instructable is one of the best I have seen on this site. To have a video along with the pictures and the words are a nice extra to an already great Instructable
ninjapants7 years ago
The jewler's saw looks a lot like a coping saw. Could a coping saw be substituted with the appropriate blade? This is one of the best written instructables on one of the coolest projects I've seen on this site since I joined. Great job.
A coping saw has pins on the ends of the blade, where a jeweler's saw blade does not. If your saw frame clamps the blade directly, rather than hooking and pulling on the pin, then yes, you could use your frame. That said, a brand-new jeweler's saw frame is only ~$5-10.
Nice! anotha good instructable! now i needa noe is How to make a match lighter/shooter h-i-n-t-h-i-n-t! yea.....keep on posting
Kiteman7 years ago
Rats, now I need to buy a jeweller's saw... Great idea, those kids.
liltyty1237 years ago
great example of the annealing process when you showed us how to put it together it wasn't very clear but once I saw the picture i thought it was great and i also thought that the comments on the picture were great way to see it zoomed in thank you, :)
liltyty1237 years ago
the video was great I think that the captions and the actions to go along with them was a great idea to show and tell us how to do that. Great ideas Mr. Nolte great demonstration on how to do it. thank you, :)
Alibaba1237 years ago
There have been many great things I have seen before, but this is really cool and interseting to learn about. Its almost Christmas time and I now know what to make my brother now AND how to make it easily. Thanks!
liltyty1237 years ago
this Instructable is great I think it is great way to learn how to make and i think that this is very resourceful now i can make a Christmas present with all of the great examples and i will know who helped me out thank you,
sedition7 years ago
About time we see great Instructable: references, video, clarification... Great job!
The instructable is great! I enjoyed lerning how to make this awesome ring. You did a really good job on demonstrating!!!