Cool Window Paper Design!!!


Introduction: Cool Window Paper Design!!!

is Instructable will teach you how to make a cool window design out of paper and white out!  This is a fun and easy piece of art that you can explore making different designs from white out....

Step 1: Supplies...

All you need for this Instructable is:
1. a piece of blank paper
2. and LIQUED white out  (preferably the pen (squeeze) white out)
3. also you need a window with daylight.

Step 2: Design

Design on the blank paper with the white out by drawing squiggles and loops on the paper.  Make sure that you fill the entire paper.  After you are finished designing you "window art" let it dry for about a minute.
See picture............

Step 3: Admiration

Hold the paper up to the window about an inch away making sure that the side that you applied the white out is facing the window.  When looking at the paper you should see your design appear black through the paper.  If you want you can even tape the paper to the window to keep it there.  you can also hold it up to a light.....

See picture.........



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    its a great idea. you could also use white acrylic paint and experiment with different paper types such as parchment paper or tracing paper. its funny that you did this as a bored student because your project is one that an art teacher could use to explore many important concepts:)

    I think you might be on to something here - although this is a basically simple project, using White-Out as a "resist" under different kinds of paint could be a fun experiment and lead to others, as well. Although it's not a true "resist," I can see possibilities - and you never know where experimentation will take you! That's what makes experimentation exciting and FUN!

    Thanks for the idea!

    1 reply

     it was basic i was bored one day and class and discovered this exparement

    Its all good i thought of it one day in school when i was boared in class and took a liqued white and scribbled on a paper and it looked weird so i just put it on here

     doesn't look really that good for an art piece.i'd be better off cutting my design out on thick paper and sticking it to the back of thin'd still look weird at night cause then it'll just be a piece of paper stuck to your window.
    and i can't say good instructable either,no offense man,cause it isn't one.
    nice try?