Cool and Easy Match Trick





Introduction: Cool and Easy Match Trick

A really simple and quick trick, all you need is a small box of matches, a saftey pin, and a rubberband. Sorry if this has already been done but I have not seen it on this site.

Step 1: Materials

All you need is a small box of matches, a safteypin, a rubberband, and a pen knife.

Step 2: Seperate Strike Strip

Cut of the strip of sand paper on the side of the match box.

Step 3: Putting the Strip Through the Safteypin

Fold the strike strip thing over the saftey pin.

Step 4: Wrap the Rubber Band

Tightly wrap the rubber band around the match and strike strip.

Step 5: All Done

Pin the safteypin to the backside of your shirt so the match is not showing. When ready pull the match out, it will light making it seem like you had a lit match under your shirt.



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    You pin the safety pin to the inside of your pocket or somewhere, pull the match out quick and it will look like you were carrying a lit match.

    what do you think???

    i bougt that same knife from cheveron in yuma arizona

    2 replies

    i got one from holland

    I brought a knife like this and the blade broke and cut me. Be careful...

    I figured out an better way, instead of using the rubber band which can be a pain to get a new match in i used a big clip (not sure whats its called).

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    ooooooooooohhhhhh!!!! that would be great for new years eve!, it's just like a popper, but when you pull it, fire!!

    The knife is from OSH, it was like $3.00 so i had to get it

    Orchard supply in cali?

    Yep In Santa Barbara

    They just made a new even cooler knife thats only 5 so i think ill have to get that. U can never have enough knives.

    agreed! I'm going to start forging some.

    haha screw that .... went to belieze and bought a stiletoe (probably didnt spel that rite) for 5 $$$ ya i feel special

    i got the xact same thing from dola store

    Another fun one is to put the match standing up on the strike pad thing with the head down and hold it like a paper football and flick it at something. It lites and flies through the air and scares people, and usually goes out before it hits the ground.