Cool Knex Knife Weapon!





Introduction: Cool Knex Knife Weapon!

About: Hi everyone! I'm Aleceatsfood also know as Alec. To start off I've been a knex'er for quite some time. Although I've come up with dumbsquat for knex, I've built many things. I'm done with knex and moving on...

ok Hi again and resently built the knife by Dutchwarlord. So then i had the idea to build 3 to juggle.So then after that i just got bored and so I started to look at how I could combine them this is what I ended up with. Most if not all credit gos to Duthwarlord for his knifes. all I did was but like 3 peices inbetween and made it look cool so here it is!

I know only one knife has the tan clips on it it's becuase i didn't have enough

so please rate and subscribe!!! THANKS

opps and i forgot on the second layer of the knife you need to take off the red connector.



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    the knife's not actually mine its dutchwarlords but i added the stuff in the middle that makes it the cool wepon

    if you make the blade longer,you would have a halo energy sword :D

    kinda..but you might want to change the hadle a little bit to make it look more like an enery sword

    ur right

    yes yes i am. I am ALWAYS right!

    mhh yeah im trying some out for size ive drawn some.. close to done with your ball machine ible?

    no prob