Picture of Cool looking scope + showoff new firing system
Hi, someone ask me to make an instructable of the scope you could see on my L96. Well here it is and i got another suprise, i found out a new firing system (PLEASE SAY IF IT ALREADY EXISTS)

have fun...


Step 1: Step one

just make as shown, very easy.
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did u post that sniper?

if not...

PLZZ POST ( i suck at bulding things from pictures and i really want theat fireing mech)

Ukiarue5 years ago
i may use your new firing mech... just informing you lol
An Villain5 years ago
good kenwood speakers dont exist
chombo (author)  thomaskliskey5 years ago
 hehe yh i know, got 2 Jamo reference speakers now, muuuuuch better!!!
what  as good as kef or boose

I know...

black ops5 years ago
omg its so cool its my best scope but nice work go so further
heidirm5 years ago
it is hard
 yes ....aaaaaaaaaaaaa... and r u sure its ur leg.. :P
PiTBuLL8925 years ago
oh i see you load each barrel and pull the trigger. a bullet comes out. when you pull the bolt back it rotates the barrel loading a fresh bulet into the chamber
very nice scope! the 2 litlle whels r pretty funny;)
Red-Dragon6 years ago
please post an Instructable of this l96... I love it very much!!
I actually have a fairly good Idea on how it's going to fire things
how does that MG mech work? it looks intriging...
The ramrods will rotate clockwise, then they will be pushed up the slope, they will be pushed backwards and thus building up pressure, and when they are at the edge of the slope, the bands will push the rod forward. If you would place a barrel with a mag at that edge, the gun will shoot fully automatic at a fast rate. I know it is complicated to explain, but I hope this makes things a little clearer.
benfoxg7 years ago
may i use that scope on my 50 cal?
Yes, according to the license you may, but keep in mind you will have to give all credit on the scope to dsman195276 (not to chombo: he took it from dsman)
TigerNod6 years ago
I don't think this is tried yet, so you could post instructions so you can ask credit for it. This could be the next generation machine gun.
hellpilot6 years ago
When I typed in Raab km50 it said "Mounted on my l96" and below was the introduction of my instructable...any idea why? I mean sure the little rubber tires are your idea but I assure you I used them like that before you did...not trying to be a showoff know it all but my scope looks nothing like yours o_o...same as the elevation and windage nobs.
dsman1952767 years ago
THATS MY SCOPE, I POSTED IT ON MY ORANGE BOARD LIKE 3 MONTHS AGO!!! LOL. it's ok, but please tell me if you did get the idea from me.
chombo (author)  dsman1952767 years ago
im very sorry that you already made it... can you give a link?
it's on my orange board, sorry but i don't have the time to dig it out. "Rater" spammed my orange board with all these numbers... ya.
Stupid rater....
Chombo, im in the process of posting an instructable with a slightly modded version of your scope on. can i use it? if not ill just make one
dinnertime87 years ago
nice scope. looks like something on a 50 cal can ou make an agoc scope, I keep screwing up
chombo (author)  dinnertime87 years ago
thank you...oke i should try to make an acog scope...
is dis a firing pin gun or a slingshot gun or a ratchet gun?
uh, a 50. cal MG?
no the barret 50 cal. sniper rifle


watch this
I just made this scope, it looks awesome! I just have to make a gun to put it on. Haha!
homzy057 years ago
can u make instructons for gun plz?
also that looks like a great firing system
ceaser477 years ago
can u post ur L96
dude looks like a awesome new machine gun firing system
thebboy7 years ago
cool, but do the little scope adjuster things really work?
chombo (author)  thebboy7 years ago
no that wont work. i only put them on for the look
Storm950 chombo7 years ago
Post your L96.
It looks like Dsman's.
you mean my gun-that-will-be-posted-soon-that-i-showed-you?(man that was long)
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