Cool Mouse Grip Mod With Speakers


Introduction: Cool Mouse Grip Mod With Speakers

Hear is a simple instructable that lets you hold the mouse from more angles.

You will need:

Lid from iphone box
Plastic cup

Step 1: Attaching the Cup to the Box

First you will have to put the cup on to the box.
To do this cut the the tape into 2 1.5cm long pices and attatch at both ends of the cup and then onto the box.

Step 2: Puttin on the Headphones

Now you have to stick on the head phones.
Do this by cutting 2 pices of tape 0.75cm long and sticking it near the housing and sticking them onto the box

Step 3: Place on Mouse

Now you have to place this housing over the Mouse.

Step 4: Done

Done.Now plug in to correct plugs on your pc and play.



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    10 Discussions

    If you want better vibrations, you could use a simple NPN transistor circuit in line with the audio.

    those teeny lil earphones aren't going to be providing any vibrations that are noticeable through 2 tape joints, a heavy cardboard box and a plastic cup. whilst also moving it around. and im pretty sure clicking is fairly important. and as your other hand is going to be busy, i don't think keyboard short cuts are an option.

    ¿¿?? What is the use of this?

    I thought someone would ask this. This is more of a gameing mouse you know a bt like a joystick with vibrations.

    I cant think of any games that don't require clicking. Maybe I'm wrong though.

    You know that is true but you can program a keyboard button for Fireing/selecting/attacking/ect.

    the point is you can grip the mouse like a joystick with vibrations from the headphones.