Cool, Non Functional, Pinwheel! :-)


Introduction: Cool, Non Functional, Pinwheel! :-)

About: I love making electronic kits and playing sims 3. If you have any ideas tell me and I will see what I can do! :-) :-):-) :-) :-) :-) :-)

This is my first ible. 

Here is a nice-looking non-fu nctional pinwheel.  lets get started!

Step 1: Tools & Materials! :-)

You Will Need:

-1 peice of craft foam
-1 thumbtack
-3 BBQ sqewers


-sharpie ©

Step 2: Cut the Foam! :-)

Cut a square of foam that is 13cm by 13cm.

Step 3: Find the Center! :-)

Use the ruler and the sharpie and make a dotted line from one corner to the opposite corner.  Do that twice.

Step 4: Mark the Center! :-)

Put a dot where the two lines cross.

Step 5: Start Cutting! :-)

Make the first cut beside the one of the lines and go to just before the dot.

Step 6: Start Folding! :-)

Fold the corners with the line on them to the center dot.

Step 7: Poke It! :-)

Stick the thumbtack through the all 4 flaps and the bottom.

Step 8: Make the Stick! :-)

Get the 3 sqewers and tape them together.

Step 9: Finish It Off! :-)

stick the turbine part onto the stick and your done!



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    for decoration, it's weatherproof unlike paper

    I get why the foam, but why not let it spin?