Cool Paper G36





Introduction: Cool Paper G36

This is my G36. It has a folding stock but is sadly non-functional. I am thinking about spray painting it black. If u want me to post a instructable of this say so in the comments.



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    Please put instructions

    If you spray paint it black, be sure to paint the tip bright orange. This way, cops will not shoot you thinking it's a real firearm.


    post instructions (but i'll modify it)

    whats the point of those bullets if u cant fire them??

    LOL the shells look cool how long did this thing take i like the m16 sight.

    jesus christ man thows took like 5 years

    Little paper tubes? But yeah nice gun.

    Hey nice gun. i could help you for making it a blow gun. tell me if you want help or not.

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    i think i could do this on my one but thanks anyways XD

    kk but do it fast i wanna see how good it will br XD

    i could make an instructable if u wanted

    Nice Gun!!! The only thing I can reccomend is reinforcing the stock this could be done by cuting a 1 inch gap all the way down a paper towl roles then taping them back together. Also by cutting off the ruff edges... or if your in the NEED FOR SPEED use a Dremmel

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