Cool Party Trick





Introduction: Cool Party Trick

Did you ever see a banana already sliced... inside? Make a bet at a party and entertain your guests with this... banana hack!

Step 1: The Needed Items

Besides the banana get a needle

Step 2: Find the Black Spots

Stick the needle only into the black spots (otherwise it would leave marks outside the skin). Choose as many black spots as many slices you want.

Step 3: Find the Edge and Move the Needle

Stick the needle till you will feel the skin on the other side of the banana. Then you start rotate it up and down to create the cut.

Step 4: Have Your Friend Open It

Once you set up the trick, have your buddy open the banana. Make sure you make a bet on it!



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I used to do this as a kid as well, but I remember using a needle and thread. You kind of looped the thread around the interior of the skin, then exited the banana through the same hole you entered. Pull the thread: instant cut. You don't actually show the technique used to cut the banana. How does a straight needle touch the interior curves of the banana? Also, who the heck opens a banana from the pointy end? I mean, then come with a little convenient handle/opener!

i open bananas on that end it seems harder but its not and when you pull from the stem end some times that end gets squished

As a kid, I always opened bananas from the "Handle" end... last year I saw a you tube video and switched to the other side. It's much easier to open... press on one of the corners with a fingernail, it just opens up.

Plus, monkeys open them from the end without the handle.

I mean, I'd expect them to be somewhat of an authority on the matter.

Same here man - the same end...

It's actually really up to the person where he opens banana me is easier...:)

i like the picture its a huge close up instead of some other instructables where stuff is just a blob thanks for doing this