Cool recycled gift canister, wrapping, and fabulous bow

Picture of Cool recycled gift canister, wrapping, and fabulous bow
Do you obsessively salvage wrapping paper during the frenzy of gift opening?

Save an empty oatmeal canister and recycle the beautiful wrapping paper from another gift to make a reusable wrapped package of your own.

Oatmeal is good for you, and this project is a great reason to eat your oatmeal!
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Step 1: Materials list

Picture of Materials list
Here's what you need to make this project:

Recycled items
empty oatmeal canister
oatmeal canister lid
paper sufficient to cover canister
additional paper scraps about 8 inches long (double-sided, heavy weight and foiled papers make the nicest bows)

Office supplies
one two-pronged brad-type paper fastener
transparent tape
double-sided tape (can use regular tape, glue, etc., but double-sided is easiest)

hole punch
utility or craft knife
paper trimmer (nice to have, or use scissors or craft knife/ruler)
spring clip or binder clip (not shown)
I've never seen those here in Australia. What brand was it?
dobbylvr5 years ago
I love oatmeal containers (not so much the oatmeal) and this a a great use for them! I remember I had a Glinda The Good hat made out of one when I was 4...
Nymph6 years ago
Hey, look at that! I do the same thing, using all kinds of containers & boxes, not just cylinders, although I find they are the easiest to use. Great work!
bptakoma (author)  Nymph6 years ago
Post pictures of your works! I am addicted to making these bows. Now I'm saving the laminated bags from coffee for another round -- my hope is they'll be especially sturdy and crushproof.
Nymph6 years ago
I just checked out all the steps ~what a fantastic instructable~ so detailed with good photos and well laid out step. I'm looking forward to seeing more of your work in the future.
bptakoma (author)  Nymph6 years ago
Wow, thanks for the great compliment! My mind works this way naturally. I'm treating my recent layoff as an artistic sabbatical and love the challenge of structuring my learning for teaching others. I took a bunch of pictures last night for a new instructable on my most recent obsession in the kitchen, so there should be something soon.
...they turned out pretty nice.... ....cylinder shipping containers work good too.....