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Introduction: Cool School Folder!

OK I  will show you how to make a cool school folder! If you like what I build please subscribe to me!!! I'm enter this in to the back to school conest so please vote for it!

Step 1: Main Things!

OK this is the main stuff you need:
mod poge,

Step 2: Print

OK print out pictures that you want o go on top and back of you'r  folder if you wan to do instructables folder like my here is a link   of  robot pictures the rest you willl have to find.

Step 3: Cut!

Ok now cut out you're pictures.

Step 4: Modpoge!

OK bursh you're folder with mod poge!

Step 5: Pictures

OK with the mod poge still on the folder put you're pictures on it!

Step 6: Cover!

When you are done cover the front of the folder put mod poge over it.

Step 7: Dry

OK let the mod poge dry then repeat steps 3,4,5 on the back of the folder.

Step 8: Done!

YOU"RE DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!



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bursh... he he , but yea that is nice im going to do that

OK Thanks! vote for it!!

ok i will, but im kinda new to instructables, how do i vote?

There is a vote butten that you cick but votoeing ended welcome to instructables!!!!!!

sorry about that but thanks anyway

You're welcome!!

not bad!

Please vote for it thanks!